When you visit the Sketch Project website, you also directly agree to get bounded by the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Sketch Project website, all other applied rules and regulations and also agree that you yourself take responsibility for complying with any applicable local legal laws. In case you do not agree with any of the stated terms, you are automatically prohibited from accessing and visiting the Sketch Project site. All the content and materials that the Sketch Project website contains are safeguarded by legal copyrights and trade mark laws.

License of Use

  1. Permission is given to the user to download temporarily only one copy of the materials (information or software) on Sketch project’s site for personal viewing not any commercial use. This is a grant of license not an entitlement and under the terms of this license you cannot:
    1. Change or modify Sketch Project’s content
    2. Utilize the content of the website for any commercial purposes or for any public use (non-commercial or commercial)
  • Make any attempt to decompile or reverse manufacture any software contained in the Sketch Project site
  1. Delete any copyright or other notations from the content
  2. Entitle the contents to another person or mirror image the materials on any other server


  1. This license of use will automatically be terminated if you violate any of the legal frameworks and your access will automatically be cancelled by Sketch Project at any time. Once your access or license is terminated you will be liable to delete any downloaded content in your device whether in a softcopy or any printed form.


 All the content provided in the Sketch Project web site is “as it is”. Sketch Project commits to no warranties expressed or complied and also disclaims and denies any other warranties, which include without limitation, implied warranty or in case of merchantability, formulated for a specific purpose or any non-infringement of intellectual property rights or violation of any of the intellectual rights. Moreover, Sketch Project does not give any right or make any attempts to represent the accuracy, predicted results or reliability of the utilization of the content on its web pages.


 Under no circumstances or event is the Sketch Project or its bound parties to be held liable for any destruction (including the without limitation, loss of data or any damage to the profit or because of any other interruption), which are resulted from the use or inability to use the content of the Sketch Project even in the case the Sketch Project or any Sketch Project legally registered representative has been informed in writing or verbally regarding any damage. Due to some legal boundaries do not permit any limitations on implied warranty or limitations by any responsibility of incidental destruction to data, these restrictions may not be applied on you in this case.


 All of the content and materials displayed on Sketch Project’s site may comprise of technical, typing or imaging errors. The Sketch Project does not claim that all of the content on its website is accurate, up to date or complete. Sketch Project frequently modifies the content of its sure at anytime without any notice or notification to any of its users. However, Sketch Project also does not make any commitment to update its content regularly.


 Sketch Project has not revised all of the website or third party sites linked to its running web sites and neither is takes any responsibility for the materials or content of these third party sites. If any third party link is included, it in no way implies endorsement from the Sketch Project for the site, if the user uses any of the linked websites it is at their own discretion and risk.

Data and Data Ownership

Any data whether the sketches or associated metadata on Sketch Project is temporary and may be subjected to deletion at any time to empty up space. Sketch Project will do everything it can to only delete the data that is no longer utilized. By submitting your materials to Sketch Project for publishing on the site, you are giving Sketch Project a global, royalty free and non-limitations license to change, adapt, remake and advertise the submitted content without any notice.

Modifications to Site Terms of Use

 Sketch Project may also review and revise the above mentioned terms of use for its websites at anytime without any prior notice. If you are using this web site you are automatically agreeing to be held bound by the most up to date version of these Terms of Use and Conditions.


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