How to Draw a Zebra

In this lesson we will learn how to draw a zebra in 13 easy steps. Zebras live in Africa.They are recognized by their series of white and black stripes and each zebra has its own unique pattern of stripes.Zebras tend to live in small groups and large herds because they are quite social.Zebras have never been domesticated .The largest zebra is the Grevy’s zebra, which is also the rarest and is considered an endangered species.A zebra’s stripes may serve as identification among a group and may also serve as a protective measure against horse flies and blood-sucking flies by confusing them.

Facts about Zebra.
Most zebras communicate by whinnying and barking, the Grevy’s zebra makes brays like a mule.Baby zebras are born brown and white.In African societies, zebras are often the subject of folk tales about how zebras got their stripes. They are also popular in art and their stripes are popular in fashion and interior design.
Step 1: First step of how to draw a zebra is to draw zebras face. Draw nostril, lips and an eye on one side of the head.
how to draw a zebra-1
Step 2: After completing facials , we will draw the ears of the zebra. Also draw the hair line of the animal between two ears.
how to draw a zebra-2
Step 3: Draw the body line along with neck.I hope you are following how to draw a zebra properly.
how to draw a zebra-3
Step 4: As we are sketching walking zebra. So we will make one  turned leg. Keep the pose in your mind while drawing this sketch.
how to draw a zebra-4
Step 5: Now draw the overlap leg. If you got any confusion consult the picture.
how to draw a zebra-5
Step 6: In this step we will draw the back legs. I hope you are getting all the tricks of how to draw a zebra.
how to draw a zebra-6
Step 7: Once you complete the previous step , take a look at your sketch. Erase all unnecessary lines. Now draw the tail of the animal.
how to draw a zebra-7
Step 8: We will now draw the forth leg of zebra. After  making this leg also shape the sketch.consult the picture for reference.
how to draw a zebra-8
Step 9: This is the last step of how to draw a zebra. In this step we will add detail to the animal. Draw the stripped pattern on animal starting from face,then neck and in the end on the body. I’m sure you enjoyed this lesson how to draw a zebra.
how to draw a zebra-9
Step 10: Fill the legs with same pattern.
how to draw a zebra-10
Step 11: Cover all the body with  same pattern . I hope you are learning a lot from how to draw a zebra.
how to draw a zebra-11
Step 12: Draw some hair behind the ears. Use pencil and draw irregular strokes for hair.
how to draw a zebra-12
Step 13: This is the last step of this tutorial how to draw a zebra.Shade few areas of the animal. Use dark and light tone.
how to draw a zebra-13
I’m sure after this lesson you can draw zebra easily.
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