How to Draw a Tulip

This lesson how to draw a tulip is very easy. Tulips are one of the most quintessential spring flowers. They’re seen often in flower beds, fields and gardens, as well as in table arrangements and bouquets. In fact, the vibrantly colored blossoms are so symbolic of spring that they’re one of the most popular flowers for seasonal wedding arrangements!
Lets start this lesson now.
Step 1:In the first step of how to draw a tulip,we will start sketch by drawing the stem. For that we will draw two parallel curved lines. 
how to draw a tulip-1
Step 2:In this step we will make he upper portion.To start flower we will draw a U shape curve at the end. If you got any queries, then take a look at the picture.
how to draw a tulip-2
Step 3:We will draw the inner petals now.Draw petal on left side. See how easy is how to draw a tulip.
how to draw a tulip-3
Step 4:Draw the middle petal. This petals will be bigger then rest of the petals. 
how to draw a tulip-4
Step 5:Full the empty space with petals.The image will look like as shown in the picture.
how to draw a tulip-5
Step 6:We got little space on the foliage , so we will draw leaf there. I hope you are getting all the tricks of how to draw a tulip. 
how to draw a tulip-6
Step 7: Draw a long leaf behind the stem of tulip. If you follow these steps properly how to draw a tulip is very easy.
how to draw a tulip-7
Step 8:This is the final step of how to draw a tulip. Yes you guess it right its coloring time. Shade the petals in the tones of purple. And leaves with light and dark tone of green.
how to draw a tulip-8
I hope you like this step to step tutorial about how to draw a tulip. After coloring your sketch is ready and looking amazing.
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