How to Draw a Tortoise

This article will guide you step by step,  how to draw a tortoise. A tortoise’s shell is made up of 60 different bones all connected to each other The top of a tortoise’s shell is called a “carapace”The underside of the shell is called a “plastron”Tortoises can retract their heads and all their limbs including their tails into their shells when they feel threatened or attacked by predators Tortoises have extremely strong mouths but no teeth instead they have horny type beaks.Tortoises have good all round vision and a very good sense of smell. Tortoises are cold-blooded Tortoises are what is known as herbivores, they eat grass, ferns, flowers, tree leaves and fruit.Female tortoises are usually larger than their male counterparts.
Lets start and learn how to draw a tortoise.
Step 1: First step of how to draw a tortoise is to draw a straight line which will act as its shell.
how to draw a tortoise-1
Step 2: Next step is to draw bumped line for upper part of the shell. I hope you are following how to draw tortoise properly.
how to draw a tortoise-2
Step 3: In this sketch we are using bumped lines instead of straight line. We will start to draw  facial shape of the tortoise now.
how to draw a tortoise-3
Step 4: After completing previous step , draw the lower lip body and neckline. You must have realized by now how easy is how to draw a tortoise.
how to draw a tortoise-4
Step 5: Draw the front foot of the tortoise. At the same time draw the lower body line of the animal. With this step your initial sketch is ready.
how to draw a tortoise-5
Step 6: We are almost at the end of how to draw a tortoise. We will draw the feet of the animal in this step.
how to draw a tortoise-6
Step 7: I’m sure you are enjoying how to draw a tortoise. Look at your sketch and see if anything is missing. Yes there are few things missing. So draw the eyes of the animal. Also draw the typical pattern on tortoise shell. Don’t ignore these little details. It add beauty to the sketch.
how to draw a tortoise-7
Step 8: Lets see how we can shade the tortoise. Use the criss cross technique for shading the shell. Use both dark and light tones.We you are done with shading your sketch is ready.
how to draw a tortoise-8
I hope you learned all the tricks of how to draw a tortoise.
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