How to Draw a Tiger

In this lesson we will learn how to draw a tiger in easy 10 steps. Tigers are a very popular big cat. They are usually orange with black stripes, but they can also be white with black stripes. Tigers are like a big cousin of the house cat. Tigers also live in the forests, swamps, and rain forests of Asia. A tiger’s favorite foods are deer and pigs, which it hunts in the wild.
Facts about Tiger.
Sometimes, they will even eat rhinos and elephants!Tigers have a natural camouflage that helps them to blend in with the grass and forests where they live.A baby tiger is called a cub. Tigers are among the most popular of large, wild animals worldwide and have been featured in ancient mythology, folklore, books and films.

Step 1:We will draw facial expression on this first stet of how to draw a tiger. It includes eyes,lip line and round curved to draw a tiger-1Step 2:Now we will draw the headline which is extended to the back body line. At the same time draw the tail of the animal. I hope how to draw a tiger is very easy to to draw a tiger-2Step 3:Draw the two front legs of the animal. Also draw  their paws. If you are getting confuse consult the to draw a tiger-3Step 4:After completing all above steps draw the lower body line with one back to draw a tiger-4Step 5:After drawing the back leg, add detail of making paw.I hope you are enjoying learning how to draw a to draw a tiger-5Step 6:Till this step we got the initial sketch of tiger. Now we will start shading. Select the light to draw a tiger-6Step 7:Extend the shading to the lower legs of tiger. I hope you are learning all the tricks of drawing and shading of how to draw a to draw a tiger-7Step 8:In this step shade the tummy of the animal. I’m sure you are following how to draw a tiger to draw a tiger-8Step 9:Complete the shading in lower back leg. How to draw tiger is very easy to draw a tiger-9Step 10:Well now we can see the final look of the tiger with proper coloring and to draw a tiger-10

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