How to Draw a Swordfish

Lets learn how to draw a swordfish in few easy steps. The swordfish is a very fast swimming fish that can be found in a varying temperature and type of ocean waters. The swordfish is a well-known fish because of it is easy to identify by its unique appearance.Just like the name of this fish suggests, this fish has a very long and flat bill which closely resembles a sword that they use to cut and pierce their prey.
Facts about Swordfish.
The body of a swordfish is shaped a lot like a cylinder and is a blackish brown color that slowly becomes a lighter brown on its underside Adult swordfish have no teeth or scales! The main food that swordfish enjoy is squid but they also will eat crustaceans. Swordfish have great eyesight which makes them such a great hunter. The reason they are able to have such strong eyesight is because they have special organs next to their eyes, which are also used to keep their brain and eyes warm while in colder waters!
Step 1:In the first step of how to draw a swordfish,we will draw the most upper body.
how to draw a swordfish-1
Step 2:Next we will draw the pointed sharp nose. I hope you are learning how to draw a swordfish.
how to draw a swordfish-2
Step 3:Further , we will draw the open mouth of the fish.Don’t get confuse  and see the picture for reference.
how to draw a swordfish-3
Step 4:Lets draw the rest of the body now. I’m sure you are learning a lot from how to draw a swordfish.
how to draw a swordfish-4
Step 5:In this step draw the tail of the fish. See the picture for the reference.
how to draw a swordfish-5
Step 6:Draw the facial expression , draw the eyes and upper fin of the fish. If you got any confusion on any step of how to draw a swordfish consult the picture.
how to draw a swordfish-6
Step 7:We will now work on the lower arm of the fish.
how to draw a swordfish-7
Step 8:Make sure the lines you are making are accurate.
how to draw a swordfish-8
Step 9:For the perfection draw the dead face of the fish. Follow all the steps properly of how to draw a swordfish.
how to draw a swordfish-9
Step 10:Last step of how to draw swordfish is shading. After shading you sketch is complete.
how to draw a swordfish-10
I hope you enjoyed how to draw a swordfish.
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