How to Draw a Sunflower

Learn how to draw a sunflower using this easy step-by-step image tutorial.The name is derived from the flowers shape which of course looks like a sun! Sunflowers are annual flowers and need full exposure to the sun .Sunflowers have a long thick stem, course leaves, and a large showy flowering head. Sunflower plants can commonly grow from 5 to 12 feet tall. When placed in gardens they are known to attract birds and butterflies.

Facts about Sunflower.

The flowering head of the plant is an inflorescence which mean it actually consists of many small individual flowers. The outer florets form petals which can be the most commonly seen yellow, or red, or orange.The inner florets, which don’t become petals, turn into seeds eventually. These seeds could of course become new sunflowers or can be tapped for a variety of uses including use as snacks, turned into oil for cooking, used to make sunflower seed butter (kind of like peanut butter) or a variety of other applications.

Step 1: In the first step of how to draw a sunflower we will draw a basic circle. Circle d should be small. You can make this circle with dark lead pencil or a pointer. 

how to draw a sunflower-1

Step 2: In this step we will draw an outer circle around previous circle.i hope you are learning how to draw a sunflower properly.

how to draw a sunflower-2

Step 3: We will do pointillism technique on both circles. In simple words we have to draw tiny dots of different size. Use medium dark tone in it. When you complete this technique you sketch will look like the picture. 

how to draw a sunflower-3

Step 4: After pointillism , draw the top most petal of the flower. I hope you are learning all the tricks of how to draw a sunflower.

how to draw a sunflower-4

Step 5: Sunflower got lots of petals. So we have to draw the petals in layers.Draw the back petals too. 

how to draw a sunflower-5

Step 6: After completing step by step we are almost at the end of this lesson how to draw a sunflower. Now draw the stem and leaves. The sketch will resemble the picture. 

how to draw a sunflower-6

Step 7:This is the important step this lesson. Shading the sunflower. Start the shading with slightly tonal changes. When you complete the shading your sketch is ready.

how to draw a sunflower-7

You can say now how easy is how to draw a sunflower. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. 

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