How to Draw a Stegosaurus

In few easy steps learn how to draw  a Stegosaurus. The Stegosaurus is a member of the dinosaur group and the scientific term for them is  Sarmatus. Their Greek name “stego-saurus” means “roof-lizard” in English. The Latin word “armatus” means “armor” in English, because this animal possessed protective framework in its skeleton. They possessed distinctive tail spikes and back plates, to protect them from predators. Since they had short arms, the back was curved, making the small head low to the ground and large tail able to swing strongly. This vegetarian and four-legged animal had a beak like a turtle with teeth and cheeks for grinding grass like a cow. The back plates are arranged similarly to the spinal projections on an iguana. They lived in western North America and southwestern Europe. Fossils of footprints suggest that this animal gathered in herds.
How to Draw a Stegosaurus.
Step 1:First thing in this lesson how to draw a Stegosaurus is to draw an oval shape for the body.
how to draw a stegosaurus-1Step 2:Next, draw a curved line from the upper head and a straight from the lower area. This will work as the animals neck.
how to draw a stegosaurus-2Step 3:Further, draw a tail of the Stegosaurus. I hope you are learning and enjoying how to draw a Stegosaurus.
how to draw a stegosaurus-3Step 4:Now draw two frontal legs. Follow the steps of how to draw Stegosaurus properly. See the picture and draw two folded lines.
how to draw a stegosaurus-4Step 5:Its time to draw the thick  hind legs. How to draw Stegosaurus is so easy with these steps.
how to draw a stegosaurus-5Step 6:Draw the most back leg of the animal in this step. Now all four legs are complete. Are you enjoying how to draw Stegosaurus.
how to draw a stegosaurus-6Step 7:I’m positive you are enjoying how to draw Stegosaurus. Now comes the tricky part. Draw the leaf shaped spikes on the body.Consult the picture for perfect result.
how to draw a stegosaurus-7Step 8:To complete the sketch,we will shade it with correct tones at right places.
how to draw a stegosaurus-8Hopefully you learned a lot from the lesson how to draw a Stegosaurus.
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