How to Draw a Starfish

Learn how to draw a starfish in few easy steps. Starfish, also known as sea stars, are actually not fish. Unlike fish, they do not have gills, fins, or scales. They of course, resemble the shape of stars, and they are a variety of colors. They are related to sand dollars, sea urchins, and sea cucumbers.Although most starfish have five arms, some have many more. The sun star, for example, can have up to 40 arms. Starfish have one eye spot at the end of each arm. They cannot see very well, only light and dark shades. Starfish cannot swim.

Facts about Starfish.

They live on the ocean bottom as well as more shallow areas. Starfish have spines on their skin that look like bumps.Starfish have suckers on the feet. They help them open up shellfish, such as oysters, to eat.Starfish can grow an arm that they lost, and this is called regeneration. It takes about one year to grow an arm back. Sometimes, from one arm, a whole new starfish can be formed. This is because all of the starfish’s vital organs are in their arms.

Step 1:First step of how to draw a starfish is to draw leaf shape arm. We are drawing common starfish with five arms.

how to draw a starfish-1Step 2:Next we will draw the lower arm.See the reference picture if you are confusing. I hope you are enjoying easy how to draw a starfish.

how to draw a starfish-2Step 3:Further, draw the third arm. Are you following properly how to draw a starfish.

how to draw a starfish-3Step 4:Above all steps, in this step of how to draw starfish draw another line to complete third arm. Are you comparing your sketch with the visual given on how to draw a starfish.

how to draw a starfish-4Step 5:Next draw the fourth arm.Remember we are drawing moving arms so draw the arms little scattered.

how to draw a starfish-5Step 6:In this step draw the last and final arm of starfish. Our initial sketch of starfish is complete.

how to draw a starfish-6Step 7:Its time for shading the starfish.

how to draw a starfish-7Step 8:I hope you enjoyed this easy lesson on how to draw a starfish. Select the light direction and shade the sketch. Use dark shades on top of the body.

how to draw a starfish-8In the end you will get perfect sketch of starfish enjoy !

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