How to Draw a Sparrow

It seems easy how to draw a sparrow because we frequently see this bird outside or in the woods in any season. However, it is a rather difficult  especially a small one like a sparrow. However, if you try to draw a sparrow in pencil step by step, your sparrow drawing should come out looking very nice. The main thing is to get right the initial contours of your drawing.Before drawing an outline, try to observe the bird’s body proportions  on the picture. Simply see how big is the head in comparison to the trunk, how long is the tail…and, that the beak is directed slightly upward. 

Every bird – as we all perceive it – has a beak
, a head, a trunk (body), two legs and a tail.  So now lets start the drawing.

Step 1:We will start how to draw  Draw a simple circle. It will guide us for sparrows head.
How to draw a Sparrow-1

Step 2:Lets see how to draw sparrows body.  Draw a big circle as a guide of the sparrow’s body.  The circle doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s just a guide. If you do want a perfect circle, trace the outer rim of a glass, a cup or any other object with a circular edge. 

How to draw a Sparrow-2

Step 3: I hope you are following the steps how to draw sparrow properly. In this step draw irregular triangles from The tail till where the body is connected. For reference see the image.

How to draw a Sparrow-3

Step 4: Draw bar shape tail for sparrow.i hope you are learning how to draw a sparrow.
How to draw a Sparrow-4

Step 5: Now we will add some detail. We will draw hairy effect on sparrow neck. It will give neck a thicker look. 
How to draw a Sparrow-5

Step 6: To get proper body shape of the sparrow erase the body circle.
How to draw a Sparrow-6

Step 7: Now its time to add facial detail. Draw a triangle for the beak . Curve the edges of the beak. It should look neat and cute.
How to draw a Sparrow-7

Step 8: Draw tiny circle for eyes and color them black.
How to draw a Sparrow-8

Step 9: Shade the face with light and dark pencil strokes.
How to draw a Sparrow-9

Step 10: Add some detail work on feathers . Consult the picture for better result.
How to draw a Sparrow-10

Step 11: Draw textural effect with different strokes . I hope you are enjoying how to draw a sparrow.
How to draw a Sparrow-11

Step 12:  Apply dark shading where necessary on the body.
How to draw a Sparrow-12

Step 13: In this step we will draw the sparrows claws. Also draw the pointed nails.
How to draw a Sparrow-13

Step 14: Shade the claws . Now how to draw sparrow is finished. You got amazing bird drawing in front of you. 

How to draw a Sparrow-14

I hope you followed and enjoyed how to draw a sparrow.

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