How to Draw a Snake

Lets learn how to draw a snake step by step. Few facts about snakes are these : Snakes are leg-less, scaled reptiles, are believed to be descendants of lizards. The few snake fossils that have been found suggest that snakes existed up to 125 million years ago.Snakes can be as short as 3.9 inches and as long as 29 feet.Snakes have long point teeth called fangs that sometimes have venom in them.Only a few types of snakes, such as cobras and vipers, use venom to kill prey. Most snakes do not have enough toxic venom to poison humans.The King Cobra is the largest venomous snake, growing as long as 18 feet.Non-venomous snakes wrap around or constrict their prey.

Facts about Snake.

A snake’s skin is made up of scales, and unlike worms, is smooth and dry, not slimy.All snakes shed their skin, which called molting. Young snakes molt up to four times a year and old snakes shed their skin up to twice a year.Most snakes lay eggs, which hatch into baby snakes, while some snakes keep their eggs inside them.All snakes are meat-eaters and will eat small animals, birds, fish, insects – even other lizards and snakes!Snakes have been symbolized in mythology, worshiped in some religions, used by snake charmers in side shows and kept as pets.

Step 1: Take a pointer instead of pencil. Lets starts this tutorial how to draw a snake. We will first draw bold circle for eyes. Along the circle make the boarder around the eye.

how to draw a snake-1

Step 2: In this step we will draw the body line. Make it a wavy line.

how to draw a snake-2

Step 3: We will add detail on mouth now. Divide the tongue into two portion also draw the pointed teeth.

how to draw a snake-3

Step 4: I hope you are following the step how to draw snake . Draw the lower neck line. Also draw the lower jaw with teeth.

how to draw a snake-4

Step 5: Compare your drawing with the given picture . Erase any unnecessary line.

how to draw a snake-5

Step 6: In this step of how to draw snake we will draw the spiral body of the snake. Draw it neatly.

how to draw a snake-6

Step 7: Complete the right side of snake. It will give finesses to the sketch.

how to draw a snake-7

Step 8: Like the right side complete the left side.

how to draw a snake-8

Step 9: Now take pencil and shade where the bends are. This is the important step of how to draw a snake.

how to draw a snake-9

Step 10:We are coming to the end of this tutorial how to draw a snake. At the moment sketch is incomplete. Draw geometrical design on snake. These detail add beauty to sketch.

how to draw a snake-10

Step 11: Draw the linear design on the snake skins.

how to draw a snake-11

Step 12: Draw congested design on snakes head and back. I hope this lesson how to draw snake is getting easy for you.

how to draw a snake-12

Step 13: Draw another geometrical design on the front of the snake.

how to draw a snake-13


Step 14: Repeat the pattern on all of the skin of snake.

how to draw a snake-14

Step 15: Shade the black areas as shown on picture.

how to draw a snake-15

Step 16: With this shading the sketch is ready.

how to draw a snake-16

I hope you enjoyed how to draw a snake.

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