How to Draw a Snail

In this quick tutorial you will learn how to draw a Snail in 8 easy steps.It can be difficult to a draw the snail’s shell, so let’s draw a snail by step-by-step. Snails have the reputation of being one of the slowest-moving animals in the world. The largest snail ever discovered lived in Sierra Leonel, in Africa. It weighed about two pounds and was about 15 inches long. Escargot is a type of food that is made with snails, and many people around the world enjoy eating this treat.Snails are mollusks, which are animals with a hard shell. They live on land and water. They are known for having slimy bodies. This slime protects them from sharp objects as they move along.

Facts about snail.

A snail is both male and female. The name for this is hermaphrodite.Snails can live to be about 15 or 20 years old.There are more snails than insects in the world.Snails are nocturnal, which means that they are active at night.Snails that live on land have eyes at the tip of their tentacles. The ones that live in water have eyes at the bottom of their tentacles.On average, snails weigh only a few ounces.Snails are deaf, and they have poor eyesight.Snails die if they eat salt or sugar.

Lets see how to  draw a snail.

Step 1: First thing how to draw  a snail is to select your correct pencil for drawing. Use lighter scale pencil. Draw the snails facial line.

how to draw a Snail-1

Step 2: How to draw a snails body, draw curve lines to make a shell.on the top of the face draw two Antipas. If you are having problem consult the picture.

how to draw a Snail-2

Step 3: Now its time to how to draw a snails ear. For ears draw two parallel lines. Bottom will be broad as compare ti the top of the ear.

how to draw a Snail-3

Step 4: Extend the head line.

how to draw a Snail-4

Step 5:  Now for the back body draw overlapped circles. You will agree with me that draw a snail is so lazy. If you have followed the step correctly you drawing will look like this.

how to draw a Snail-5


Step 6: To give hard texture effect draw spiral in the circle.

how to draw a Snail-6

Step 7: To complete the snail draw its tail now.

how to draw a Snail-7

Step 8:  Start shading the snail. Be careful about light direction. Now you got a beautiful sketch of snail.

how to draw a Snail-8

I hope you learn how to draw a snail in easy 8 step.


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