How to Draw a Seal

This tutorial will help you learn how to draw a seal easily using only some simple, basic shapes. These lovely animals are usually pretty popular in aquatic parks.
Seals belong to the family Otariidae. There are about 33 species of seals. They include the harp seal, the Ross seal, the leopard seal, the elephant seal, and the hooded seal. The elephant seal is the largest of all of the species.

Did you know?

Seals have a layer of fat called blubber, which keeps them warm. Seals eat different kinds of seafood such as fish, squids, and mussels. They can dive as deep as 1,000 feet to find food under water.Seals can hold their breath underwater for up to two hours.Male seals are called bulls, and female seals are called cows. Baby seals are called pups.Seals spend most of their time in water. They rest on land, and they give birth to their pups on land as well. Seals live in large groups. There are usually about 1,000 seals in one group.Most species of seals live in Antarctica. Seals live on islands and coastal lands in the North and South poles. They live near water, and usually in cold climates. They can also be found on the coasts of Hawaii, Florida, and on Central America.They can do some very basic tricks that can be entertaining, both for kids and parents.

Let’s see how we could draw an animated seal in only 11 easy steps.

Step 1: We will start the sketch by drawing a curve line for body. This is the first step of how to draw a seal.

how to draw a Seal-1 Step 2: Now we will tell you how to draw a seal face. Draw two curved loops on right side of the face. You just have to follow the picture above.

how to draw a Seal-2 Step 3: In last step we have drawn two curved lines. Do exactly same for the left side. By drawing these lines on both side you have learned how to draw a seals facial outline.

how to draw a Seal-3 Step 4: Draw a curve line going in upward direction. I hope you are learning how to raw a seal properly. Always draw with passion and don’t panic.

how to draw a Seal-4 Step 5: Now its time you learn how to draw seals tail. For tail draw a broad comb like shape.

how to draw a Seal-5 Step 6: In this step u have to do almost same thing . You have to make V shape depression. By doing this you completed the tail. Look at you sketch for some final adjustment ,if its required.

how to draw a Seal-6 Step 7: Its time to learn how to draw a seals lower body. Draw a curve body line with a space for the arm of the seal. We will draw the arm later.

how to draw a Seal-7 Step 8: You have learned 50% how to draw a seal. Draw a bold L shape line for arm of the seal. For more detail see the picture.

how to draw a Seal-8 Step 9: Last thing to learn is how to draw seal face. Draw a semi circle shape for nose. At this point also draw the second arm of the seal like we did in previous step.

how to draw a Seal-9 Step 10: Draw elongated triangles for seals eyes. Seal is looking sad and innocent form eyes expression. It is making the seal cute.

how to draw a Seal-10 Step 11: Now we will tell you the most interesting step of this tutorial. It is how to draw a seals smiling face. Draw lines for mouth. And shade it crisscross. Add more details to your drawing where its necessary. Pick the light direction and do the shading. Your final drawing is ready now.

how to draw a Seal-11 I hope you learned the tricks of how to draw a seal.

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