How to Draw a Scottish Fold Cat

Learn how to draw a Scottish fold cat in this easy lesson. The Scottish Fold cat personality is outgoing, cuddly and lovable. The full cheeks and angelic expression don’t mislead – this is a very sweet breed. This cat is not the best choice for busy folks who aren’t home a lot  because they need lots of love and gentle, playful interaction.These cats display unique breed characteristics like hugging with their front paws when held close, and whispering while cuddling.

Let’s Start How to Draw a Scottish fold Cat.

Step 1:First thing in this lesson how to draw Scottish fold car is to draw its innocent cute pair of  eyes. Be careful about their size and shape, it should be accurate with the picture.
Scottish fold cat-1
Step 2:Draw the facial part of the cat. Draw diamond shape for nose.Connect nose with upper line. At the same time draw the lip line. Lip line should be smiling but it should bend it from the middle.
Scottish fold cat-2
Step 3:Shade the eyes of the cat. Shade it with B scale for middle tone and 2B for dark shades. Shape the face cut and draw two little ears.
Scottish fold cat-3
Step 4:Draw the back body line which will lead toward the tail. Also draw hairy effect on cats neck. I hope you are learning how to draw a Scottish fold cat.
Scottish fold cat-4
Step 5:Draw the front paws of the cat.Remember we are making cat in sitting position. 
Scottish fold cat-5
Step 6:Draw rest of the body of the cat. 
Scottish fold cat-6
Step 7:Start shading pattern on the cat in this step of how to draw a Scottish fold cat. 
Scottish fold cat-7
Step 8:Extend the shading of the previous step on cats body.How to draw a Scottish fold cat is so easy and fun right!
Scottish fold cat-8
Step 9:Complete the shading in light tone on the body of the cat. 
Scottish fold cat-9
Step 10:Give shading detail with dark tone.Now our sketch is complete. Scottish fold cat-10Hope you enjoyed how to draw a Scottish fold cat. 

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