How to Draw a Saint Bernard

In this tutorial how to draw a Saint Bernard.The Saint Bernard is a breed of a very large and working dog from the western Alps in Switzerland, Italy and France. Originally they used to locate freezing and helpless travelers during snow storm. The color is typically mahogany with white , black shading is usually found on the face and ear. The tail is long and heavy, hanging low eyes are usually brown. It is a calm and sweet with adults and children. It needs regular grooming to keep its fur in good shape.

Lets start how to draw a saint Bernard now.

Step 1: First step to draw a saint Bernard dog is to draw a circle for face. Use 2H pencil for sketching.

how to draw a Saint Bernard-1

Step 2: Draw another circle overlapping the first circle . Size of this circle should be bigger then previous one.

how to draw a Saint Bernard-2

Step 3: Now start drawing the Bernard’s body. Draw horizontal line on low left side of first circle . At the moment we are drawing guideline.

how to draw a Saint Bernard-3

Step 4: Draw a heart shape line from the b point where the back is meeting .

how to draw a Saint Bernard-4

Step 5: Draw L shape line to close the heart shape line. We are making a depression so remember there should be only one bend in line.

how to draw a Saint Bernard-5

Step 6: To draw the saint Bernard hind leg. Draw a broad V shape line . Don’t press hard use light hand.

how to draw a Saint Bernard-6

Step 7: Draw another curve line which will attach with knee. Blend the lines for smooth and natural look. Now you know how to draw saint Bernard’s hind leg properly.

how to draw a Saint Bernard-7

Step 8: Use couple of lines for individual toes in the paws. I hope you are following these steps and there is no confusion. If u still having problem consult your picture.

how to draw a Saint Bernard-8

Step 9: Draw another line behind the front leg. It will give over flapped effect. Keep the foot incomplete.

how to draw a Saint Bernard-9

Step 10: To complete the body line draw the st Bernard tummy line.

how to draw a Saint Bernard-10

Step 11: Add grass lines to give little detail in sketch. Use combination of long and short strokes with HB pencil.

how to draw a Saint Bernard-11

Step 12: How to draw a saint Bernard’s tail. Tail looks like a shape of water drop . Draw the front leg and close the shape with a curve line.

how to draw a Saint Bernard-12

Step 13: Draw short strokes with light pencil on tail to give it a fluffy look.

how to draw a Saint Bernard-13

Step 14: Now you have learned how to draw st. Bernard. Add some detail in it. Draw nose with two dots. And the broaden it. Add lines to give wrinkled skin effect.

how to draw a Saint Bernard-14

Step 15: To draw wrinkled eye of the dog right by its inertial side of its head. Draw two shapes of eye. Give depressed , sad and innocent expression in eye.

how to draw a Saint Bernard-15

Step 16: Now comes the shading part. Use alternative strokes of grey and black shades with 2B pencil.

how to draw a Saint Bernard-16

Step 17: Gradually move from to to bottom. Use light hand for shading.

how to draw a Saint Bernard-17

Step 18: Gradually lower your tone in shading. From mild grey to off white. Use slanting strokes for shading.

how to draw a Saint Bernard-18

Step 19: Dark tone of shading will be done near paws and those areas which are not visible.

how to draw a Saint Bernard-19

Step 20: Keep consulting your picture for perfect sketch. Shading is time consuming so take break in between.

how to draw a Saint Bernard-20

Step 21: Don’t forget to blend the to draw a Saint Bernard-21

Step 22: After previous step beautiful realistic st Barnard sketch is ready.

how to draw a Saint Bernard-22

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