How to Draw a Rat

In this lesson we will learn how to draw a rat. Rats belong to the rodent super family Muroidea, along with mice, gerbils and hamsters. They are believed to have evolved about 23 million years ago from hamster-like animals in tropical Asia and can now be found worldwide.The brown rat and black rat are the most commonly known rats.Rats are larger than mice.Wild rats are more likely to bite than domesticated rats.Rats are commonly used in scientific studies, because of their ability to learn and their adaptability. Rats are easy to train and have an exceptional sense of smell.Although rats are known to carry diseases and to damage and steal food supplies and other items, they have been specially bred and kept as pets since the late 19th century.
Lets see how to draw a Rat.
Step 1: First thing we have to learn in how to draw a rat is the head. Draw incomplete line for the head. Draw it with light hand.
 how to draw a Rat-1
Step 2: Draw the ears in flapped shape. This is a rough sketch so don’t worry about lines.
 how to draw a Rat-2
Step 3: Lets see how to draw a rats body. Draw a huge back body. See the picture if you are having any confusion.
 how to draw a Rat-3
Step 4: Its time how to draw the rats facial things. Like every animal rat too got the nose. Draw the nose at the front top. It should be according to the rat  size .
 how to draw a Rat-4
Step 5: Draw the lip line of the rat. I hope how to draw a rat is easy for you.
 how to draw a Rat-5
Step 6: In this step of how to draw a rat we will make the front legs. You can see the picture and compare your sketch with it.
how to draw a Rat-6
Step 7: Draw the back leg also like you make the front leg.
 how to draw a Rat-7
Step 8: In facial one thing is missing – the eyes. Draw a single dot with pointer for the eye of the rat. With this step facial area is finished.
 how to draw a Rat-8
Step 9: I hope you are learning all the tricks of how to draw a rat and enjoying it too. Now draw the tail of the rat.
 how to draw a Rat-9
Step 10: Till this step you have learned how to draw a rats basic sketch. Important step of any sketch is its shading and coloring. Color the rat with dark strokes in one direction.
 how to draw a Rat-10
Your sketch is ready . I hope you enjoyed and followed all the step of how to draw the rat.
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