How to Draw a Rabbit

How to  draw a rabbit. If you observe well the picture, you’ll notice that the drawing was made by simple, almost monotonous pencil strokes imitating the animal’s fur. Drawing animal fur by pencil strokes is sometimes very deceptive because when you make the first strokes you may feel that you’ve just did it totally wrong. It only looks like that because it is unfinished. If that’s the case, please continue to draw and use the eraser as less as possible.Rabbits belong to the family of mammals, along with hares. The oldest known species of rabbits lived 34 – 56 million years ago. Rabbits move very rapidly, due to their long hind legs and shorter front legs. They live in a wide array of habitats from desert to swampland, mountains, forests – and even cities!. They come in all size shape and color. There are also many breeds.

Things you need.

You’ll need two pencils. HB to enhance the darker parts and H to create thin pencil strokes that look like fur.

Now i will show you how to draw a rabbit step by step.

Step 1: First thing when we draw a rabbit is to select a picture. Select H scale pencil. Draw the rabbit face. Use light hand to draw a rabbit. In case of error correct it by erasing.

how to draw a Rabbit-1

Step 2: Let’s draw the ear of the rabbit. Make V shape line on top of the face. Complete the upper area first then gradually go down for rest of the parts.

how to draw a Rabbit-2

Step 3: As we can see in the picture we are drawing the rabbit’s side pose. Divide the face in to portions and draw the rabbits face in only 3 quarter portion.

how to draw a Rabbit-3

Step 4: I hope you are following these steps to draw a rabbit properly. Draw left eye, shade the pupil black. Draw nose with mouth.

how to draw a Rabbit-4

Step 5: Next step is to draw the rabbit’s inner lines of the ear.

how to draw a Rabbit-5

Step 6: It’s time to draw the rabbit’s legs. Draw the legs with delicate hand. Add few internal lines on paws to show fingers.

how to draw a Rabbit-6

Step 7: Draw the rabbit’s upper body line. Remember not to draw the tail yet.

how to draw a Rabbit-7

Step 8: We will now complete the lower body of the rabbit by making lower body line.

how to draw a Rabbit-8

Step 9: Fun part of this sketch is to draw the rabbit’s fluffy bushy tail. Draw the tail with short strokes.

how to draw a Rabbit-9

Step 10: Now you know how to draw a rabbit. Let’s see its shading. Continue the H pencil strokes. Push the pencil gently .if you are not sure, make the strokes very light so you can have control over your drawing. Continue “fur-pencil-strokes” in similar fashion you see on the pictures on the face.

how to draw a Rabbit-10

Step 11: Notice how the rabbit’s body is round, nicely curved back line. The fur strokes should be in similar direction. So, naturally, the fur strokes directly determined the shape of the body and its part . Complete the shading and rabbit is ready.

how to draw a Rabbit-11

To draw a rabbit as perfectly as possible, you need to work out the animal’s face in as many details as possible.

Take your time and just continue stroking the fur all over the rabbit.

Fur on the head, ears or legs is shorter than the fur on the back or on the sides.

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