How to Draw a Pelican

In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw a Pelican in 9 easy steps _Pelicans are water birds that have webbed feet, large wings, and long bills. Attached to their bills are pouches, which they use to store fish when they catch them. These pouches can carry as much as three gallons of water!. Pelicans live on every continent but Antarctica. They live in warm temperatures near bodies of water. The average size of a pelican is about 6 feet tall, and the average weight is 10 to 17 pounds.Male pelicans are called cocks. Female pelicans are called hens. Baby pelicans are called chicks.Pelicans are very social birds. They fly together in one line. Sometimes they fly in a “V” formation.
Step 1:In the first step of how to draw a Pelican,We will draw an elongated question mark on the bottom of the page. It will serve as pelicans head and neck line.
how to draw a pelican-1
Step 2:Next we will draw the pointed beak of the bird. For beak draw two parallel narrow  lines which meet at single point.
how to draw a pelican-2
Step 3:Now complete the beak in this step. At the same time draw the birds neck line.I’m sure your are learning how to draw a pelican properly in these few easy steps.
how to draw a pelican-3
Step 4:Its time to draw the lower portion of the bird.While drawing the lower body line leave some space for the positioning of the legs.
how to draw a pelican-4
Step 5:After lower body line,draw the upper body line.I hope you are enjoying and learning how to draw a pelican.
how to draw a pelican-5
Step 6:Now detail  work comes, show the feather of the bird. See the picture for reference.
how to draw a pelican-6
Step 7:In this step draw the front leg of the bird. Are you enjoying how to draw a pelican?
how to draw a pelican-7
Step 8:Now draw the overlapped leg. You will agree with me how to draw a pelican is so easy.
how to draw a pelican-8
Step 9:Finally the last step of how to draw pelican is shading of the bird.Choose the lighting and shade with dark tones.After shading the beautiful sketch is complete.
how to draw a pelican-9
I hope you followed all the steps of how to draw a pelican properly.
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