How to Draw a Pegasus

Here is a fun tutorial how to draw a Pegasus. Pegasus  is a flying horse  with wings in Greek mythology. He is the son of Poseidon and the Medusa. In cartoons  and other stories, Pegasus was said to be the horse  of the legendary hero Hercules .The myth of the Pegasus is interesting and educational, and helps us understand an era gone by.The Pegasus is a white horse with wings that can fly. It is very beautiful, and can only be controlled with a golden bridle given to Bellerophon by Athena.
Let’s Start How to Draw a Pegasus.

Step 1:In this step of how to draw a Pegasus we will draw the upper line of the left wing. how to draw a Pegasus-1Step 2:Now at a distance draw the right wing . Make sure it is drawn in to draw a Pegasus-2Step 3:Its time to move toward its neck. We will draw the neck and one ear in this step of how to draw Pegasus. Im sure you are getting all the tricks of how to draw Pegasus.

how to draw a Pegasus-3
Step 4:We will draw three quarter face of the horse. For reference you can always see the picture.
how to draw a Pegasus-4
Step 5:Now draw the front bend leg of the horse. Also draw the bold part of the horse leg.
how to draw a Pegasus-5
Step 6:Its time to draw the back of the horse. At the same time draw the back legs. Make sure you leave some space in the middle of the wing which we drawn in the first step of how to draw a Pegasus.
how to draw a Pegasus-6
Step 7:I hope you are learning and enjoying how to draw a Pegasus. Draw the other front leg of the horse,
how to draw a Pegasus-7
Step 8:Draw a curved arch shape for horse tummy. In this step of how to draw a Pegasus the horse body is complete.
how to draw a Pegasus-8
Step 9:Draw a moving tail of the horse.
how to draw a Pegasus-9
Step 10:Add detail in wings and shape them properly. Shape these wings in a feather shape.
how to draw a Pegasus-10
Step 11:Same procedure will be done for the other wing like we did in previous step.
how to draw a Pegasus-11
Step 12:Till previous step we got initial sketch of Pegasus. Shade the Pegasus and sketch will be completed.
how to draw a Pegasus-12
I hope you enjoyed learning how to draw a Pegasus.
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