How to Draw a Ostrich

Do you know how to draw a ostrich. In this tutorial we will teach you. Ostriches are birds that cannot fly, and they are native to Africa. Ostriches are known for their long necks and legs, and their round bodies that are covered with feathers.People use ostrich feathers to make feather dusters. They also eat ostrich meat in certain countries. Ostrich skin is used to make leather products.Ostriches can grow to be as tall as 9 feet. Their average weight is between 150 and 300 pounds.An ostrich’s eye is about the size of a billiard ball.An ostrich’s diet consists mostly of shrubs, seeds, and grass. They also eat insects and lizards.The wingspan of an ostrich can be as wide as six feet.
Facts about Ostrich.
Ostrich legs are so powerful that they can kill a predator by kicking them.Ostriches top the list of many categories. For example, the size of their eggs is the largest of any living bird. Ostriches also have the fastest land speed of all birds. Ostriches are the tallest and heaviest living species of birds in the world.
Now we will start how to draw a Ostrich.
Step 1: First step in how to draw a ostrich is to draw neck. We will draw long neck . We will also draw the head. See the picture for reference.
 how to draw a ostrich-1
Step 2: In this step we will learn how to draw a ostrich face features. Draw triangle shape nose and dark round shaped eyes.
 how to draw a ostrich-2
Step 3: After completing face, we will draw the body. We have to give hairy effect to the body because of the feathers. I hope you are learning how to draw a ostrich.
 how to draw a ostrich-3
Step 4: Ostrich got two legs so now we will draw one leg. See picture for reference. I hope you are following the steps of how to draw a ostrich.
 how to draw a ostrich-4
Step 5: In this step we will draw the other overlapping leg. This leg will not be much visible. Also draw the large foot of ostrich. Make sure its nails are pointed.
 how to draw a ostrich-5
Step 6: Draw the nails of other leg now. I hope you are enjoying learning how to to draw a ostrich.
 how to draw a ostrich-6
Step 7: To give professional touch to your sketch give light effect of feathers on the back.
how to draw a ostrich-7
Step 8: Its shading time . Start you shading with ostrich face. Color the ostrich face orange.
 how to draw a ostrich-8
Step 9: We are almost done with how to to draw a ostrich. I’m sure you learned all the tricks of this sketch. Now shade the body of the ostrich.
 how to draw a ostrich-9
Step 10: Shade the foot of the ostrich in this step.
 how to draw a ostrich-10
Step 11: Do dark shading where it is necessary . If you got any confusion consult the picture. Our sketch is ready.
 how to draw a ostrich-11
With this tutorial you can now easily draw the ostrich.
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