How to Draw a Octopus

How to draw a octopus is relatively easy because as soon as you draw the long tentacles and the oval head, it becomes clear that it is an octopus. Octopus is a unique animal of the ocean. It has eight arms called tentacles that are equipped with numerous suction cups. An octopus moves by pushing water out of its hollow trunk. Surprisingly, an octopus has a bill and a stock of ink with which it stains the water when it senses danger. This sea animal is similar to a squid except it is larger in size.
Step 1:We will first learn how draw the octopus head.For head we have to draw an incomplete upper head line for head skull. 
how to draw a octopus-1
Step 2:Next we will complete the head. We will draw lower straight line. I hope you are learning how to draw a octopus. 
how to draw a octopus-2
Step 3:In this step we will learn how to draw a octopus arm.We will make the first arm out of eight arms. 
how to draw a octopus-3
Step 4:At the same time we will double the previous octopus arm. As we can see in the picture, we will draw the second arm.We will draw third arm overlapping the second arm. 
how to draw a octopus-4
Step 5:We will draw another arm.I hope you are learning how to draw a octopus properly.
how to draw a octopus-5
Step 6:We will complete the fourth arm in this step.
how to draw a octopus-6
Step 7:Make the fifth arm and also draw the tentacles.Octopus is the only animal with eight arms.
how to draw a octopus-7
Step 8:I hope you are following how to draw an octopus.Now draw the sixth and seventh arm. 
how to draw a octopus-8
Step 9:By completing all eight arm you will get the initial sketch of an octopus.Your sketch should look exactly like the picture.
how to draw a octopus-9
Step 10:Now add detail to the face. Draw eyes and tentacles on arms. These detail add beauty to the sketch.
how to draw a octopus-10
Step 11:This is the last step of how to draw a octopus.Yes you are right its shading time.Select light direction and use correct tones of shading.
how to draw a octopus-11
So in just 11 steps you have learned how to draw an octopus.Hope you enjoyed a lot. 
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