How to Draw a Narwhal

This tutorial will tell you how to draw a Narwhal. The Narwhal is a member of the mammal family and the scientific term for them is Monodon monoceros. The English word narwhal, comes from the Norse word Nar, meaning “corpse” because the species has a grayish and mottled skin like a drowned sailor, and the fact that they float motionless for a long time. The scientific name Monodon monoceros, is Greek for “one-tooth one horn.”
Facts about Narwhal.
The most that they can go without breathing is a span of 25 minutes. They can swim down to almost 5,000 feet deep. The animal can weigh up to over 3,500 pounds. Their body can grow up to over 18 feet long.Their horn can grow up to over 10 feet long.Another common name for this animal is Narwhal, which has a long tusk emerging from their mouth. They use this horn to fight other males during mating season, similar to the way humans fight with swords.
Step 1:In the starting of how to draw a Narwhal we will draw the Nike sign like tick mark. It will be the turning point of the tail of the fish.
how to draw a Narwhal-1
Step 2:Now draw the upper body line. Extend that line to the right side of the body. For reference see the picture.
how to draw a Narwhal-2
Step 3:Draw the flattened V shape tail on the left side of the paper. I hope you are learning how to draw a Narwhal.
how to draw a Narwhal-3
Step 4:Next extend  the lower body line in a curve. These steps of how to draw Narwhal are very easy.
how to draw a Narwhal-4
Step 5:Now in the middle of the body of the fish draw the lower arm.
how to draw a Narwhal-5
Step 6:Draw the lower jaw line with a bend. Hope you are following how to draw a Narwhal properly.
how to draw a Narwhal-6
Step 7:Draw in the narwhal’s tusk. A narwhal’s tusk can grow to almost 10 feet long and is actually a tooth! It also resemble a unicorn. I’m sure you are following all steps of how to draw a Narwhal.
how to draw a Narwhal-7
Step 8:After completing all above steps draw the other arm on opposite side of body.
how to draw a Narwhal-8
Step 9:We got the initial sketch of Narwhal. Shade the proper texture of the fish.Consult the picture for correct result.
how to draw a Narwhal-9
I hope you learned how to draw a Narwhal.
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