How to Draw a Mouse

Let’s learn how to draw a mouse.The mouse is a small mammal, with small round ears, a pointed snout and long, nearly hairless tail belonging to a super family of rodents called Muroidea, along with gerbils, hamsters and a large number of relatives.Mice are used as food for pet snakes, lizards, frogs, tarantulas and large birds of prey.Mice have generally poor eyesight but an especially keen sense of smell.Mice droppings contain parasites that can spread diseases and some mice damage food crops.Common house mice are often kept as pets that can easily become used to being handled, often being playful and loving. Mice have been represented in folklore and mythology, comics and cartoons, literature, movies, and video games. The Mickey Mouse and Mighty Mouse are very famous characters and the popular pizza restaurant, Chuck E Cheese, features a mouse in its brand logo and as an entertaining mascot.
Step 1: First step of how to draw a mouse is to draw headline with ear outline of mouse. For reference see the picture.
how to draw a Mouse-1
Step 2: Now draw the back body line of the mouse. I hope you are following the steps of how to draw a mouse.
how to draw a Mouse-2
Step 3: We are making mouse in walking position . So draw the back foot of the mouse slightly ahead.
how to draw a Mouse-3
Step 4: I hope you are learning all the tricks of  how to draw a mouse. In this step draw the lower body line of the mouse.
how to draw a Mouse-4
Step 5: Draw the front foot of the mouse . Its size will be small. Make sure you make it near the mouse face.
how to draw a Mouse-5
Step 6: Its time to complete the face. Draw the neckline too at this step. I am sure this step to step tutorial is very easy to follow. I hope there is no confusion in how to draw a mouse.
how to draw a Mouse-6
Step 7: In facial detail draw mouse eyes, ears and small nose . Draw the sketch with light hand, erase in case of error.
how to draw a Mouse-7
Step 8: Give last look to your sketch and see if anything is missing. We missed to draw tail. Draw the tail now, at the same time draw the whiskers.
how to draw a Mouse-8
Step 9: In this step we will color the mouse. Select the color direction . Use tones of light and dark appropriately.
how to draw a Mouse-9
I am sure you enjoyed the journey how to draw a mouse. Now the sketch is finished.
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