How to Draw a Monkey

In this simple step by step guide learn how to draw a monkey in a simple and interactive way. You just need a pen and a paper to start drawing a monkey in the next 2 minutes!There are more than 260 known species of monkeys.Most monkeys live in trees. They use their tails and arms to swing through trees. Their tails help them balance while they walk and climb trees.A monkey’s diet is made up of seeds, fruit, insects, spiders, leaves, and nuts. Some also know how to peel a banana and eat it; they don’t eat the skin. Some monkeys eat dirt.Monkeys live in groups called troops.To communicate, monkeys make body movements, sounds, and facial expressions. 

The following  steps will show you how to draw the Monkey.

Step 1: First step in how to draw a monkey is to draw a body. For body draw a U shape. 
How to draw a monkey-1
Step 2:  Draw two L shaped opposite to each other for legs. I hope you are following the steps of how to draw monkey properly.
How to draw a monkey-2
Step 3: Complete the legs of the monkey. We are making an animated monkey. So instead of making a hairy monkey we will make innocent cute monkey.
How to draw a monkey-3
Step 4: Next step of how to draw a monkey is to make a feet. Consult the picture for exact result.
How to draw a monkey-4
Step 5: Draw the arms of the monkey in jovial pose. So draw one stretched arm up and one down . See the picture if you are confused.
How to draw a monkey-5
Step 6: Its time how to draw the monkeys inner shape. This is the most important step of this tutorial. 
How to draw a monkey-6
Step 7: Adding to previous step,draw a broad V for the lower jaw of the mouth. Make sure your strokes are neat. Draw with light hand.
How to draw a monkey-7
Step 8: Draw the head of the monkey. You will agree with me that this how to draw a monkey tutorial is very easy.
How to draw a monkey-8
Step 9: We are almost at the end  of how to draw a monkey. Now draw a M shape in the head.
How to draw a monkey-9
Step 10: Draw two cute naughty eyes for monkey. 
How to draw a monkey-10
Step 11: These few steps in how to draw a monkey is about facial. Draw ears for monkey now.
How to draw a monkey-11
Step 12: Inspire of drawing so much our sketch is incomplete. So the next step in how to draw a monkey is to draw hands. Draw a holding position on lower hand. 
How to draw a monkey-12
Step 13: All of you know how monkey love bananas. Last step of how to draw monkey is to draw a banana in monkeys hand.
How to draw a monkey-13
I hope you understand and enjoyed how to draw a monkey.
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