How to Draw a Lobster

Follow the instruction and learn how to draw a lobster. There are two kinds of lobsters, one with claws and one without.The ones without claws are called rock or spiny lobsters, and they have strong antennae. The American lobster, or Maine lobster, is the species with claws.A female lobster is called a chicken or a hen. A male lobster is called a cock.Lobsters can live to be more than 100 years old.Cooked lobsters are red. When they are alive, they are actually brown, olive green, or other colors.Lobsters smell with their antennae and taste with their legs.Lobsters live at the bottom of the ocean.All around the world, lobsters are a delicacy.They are some of the most expensive food on a restaurant menu.

Let’s Start How to Draw a Lobster.

Step 1:First step of how to draw a lobster is to draw a feeder nipple shape horizontally. how to draw a lobster-1Step 2:Moving to the next step , draw lower back shape attached to the previous shape. See the picture shown in how to draw a to draw a lobster-2Step 3:Now draw rectangular shape a small sized layer of the on going lobster. I hope you are learning how to draw a to draw a lobster-3Step 4:Repeat previous step and complete the body of the insect by adding four to five layers . Are you following the steps of how to draw a lobster properly.
how to draw a lobster-4Step 5:Next draw a handmade fan shape and complete the tail. For perfection see the reference to draw a lobster-5Step 6:Its time to draw two antennas on the front and at the same time draw the two front potions of the arms. how to draw a lobster-6Step 7:Draw the front two catcher claws.I hope you are learning all the tricks of how to draw a to draw a lobster-7Step 8:In this step we will draw pitcher claws on the on side of the insect. For the reference see the picture given in how to draw a to draw a lobster-8Step 9:Now repeat the previous step on other side of the insect. Also draw the front two to draw a lobster-9 Step 10:We will complete our sketch with the shading.This is the last step of how to draw a lobster. how to draw a lobster-10

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