How to Draw a Lips

I will be attempting to show you guys “how to draw a lips step by step. Lips, like the eyes, are one of the more difficult parts of the face to draw.  There are faces that have thin lips and then there are those that have full looking lips. The tutorial that you will be learning from is going to show you the basics to making lips to your liking. I do realize that the lips in this lesson are mainly for females, and that’s basically because it is almost always the female lips that we have problems with. If you want me to tweak the tutorial and add a couple tip steps for male lips, just let me know. Otherwise, have fun drawing lips.I have get going because there is more fun coming your way. Peace out people and enjoy!
Step 1: First thing in how to draw a lips is to draw the upper line for the lips. We are making three quarter portion of the lips.
How to draw a Lips-1
Step 2: In this step we will make the middle line of the lips.With this line we have completed the upper lips.I hope you are learning how to draw a lips.
How to draw a Lips-2
Step 3: We are drawing broad upper lip line of the lips.For reference see the picture.
How to draw a Lips-3
Step 4: Now we will draw the lower lip line.  With this lip line  initial lips are ready . I am sure you can realized how easy is how to draw a lips.
How to draw a Lips-4
Step 5:  After completing the basic sketch of lips we will start shading. It is very important step. Be patient.
How to draw a Lips-5
Step 6: Make lip lines dark. Keep your lips in mind and start shading. The tutorial how to draw a lips are almost ending.
How to draw a Lips-6
Step 7: Use dark shades on edges.Shading will take lots of time so take breaks while shading.After completing shading sketch is ready.
How to draw a Lips-7
I hope you enjoyed how to draw a lips and learned all the tricks.
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