How to Draw a Lion

In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw a  Lion in easy steps.Lions have always been symbolic of ferocity and strength, not to mention the central characters of one of the best Disney movies of all time. Lion is one of the largest members of the cat family.It is nicknamed the king of the beasts.The male Lion has bushy fur on it’s head called mane.There are African Lions and Asian lions which differ slightly in appearance.The female Lion is responsible for hunting and feeding a pride.

 Learn to draw the biggest cat in Africa in these easy steps. Let’s begin.

Step 1: Draw the face cut of the lion.
how to draw a lion-1
Step 2: After the face cut, add the details of face. I hope you are learning a lot from how to draw a lion.
how to draw a lion-2
Step 3: Next step is how to draw a lion draw the hair. Draw irregular lines to give hairy pattern.
how to draw a lion-3
Step 4: Draw hair on the body also. Use the same technique of irregular lines. I hope you are learning a
lot from how to draw a lion.
how to draw a lion-4
Step 5: If you look at the picture, lion looks angry. Draw angry expression on a lion face but before the draw the lions front leg just like in the picture.
how to draw a lion-5
Step 6: In this step draw the back leg of the lion. Use light hang when sketching.
how to draw a lion-6
Step 7: One you completed the legs draw the back line as well as lower back line.
how to draw a lion-7
Step 8: We are almost at the end of how to draw a lion but something still missing. Draw the back leg according to the pose.
how to draw a lion-8
Step 9: Complete all the legs . Give your sketch a final look. Erase the unwanted lines.
how to draw a lion-9
Step 10: Last step of sketch draw the lions tail. With this step sketch is ready.
how to draw a lion-10
Step 11: Shading is left to do. Shade the lion with light and dark shades.
how to draw a lion-11
Step 12: After shading your sketch is ready. I hope you liked how to draw a lion. Add  paint to your drawing for some color.
how to draw a lion-12
I’m sure you love this lesson how to draw a lion.
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