How to Draw a Kiwi

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw kiwi bird which happens to be on the endangered species list. The kiwi bird comes from New Zealand and it is in fact a flightless bird. They live in the beautiful forests of New Zealand as well as the grasslands and scrubs. Kiwis happen to be the national bird of New Zealand . These brownish colored birds have long slender skinny beaks that have nostril holes at the end of its bill. Kiwis also have an extraordinary sense of smell and they use these senses to track down their food which consist of worms, insects and grubs. The kiwi bird has coarse prickly looking hair like feathers and they are the size of a common fowl or chicken. These birds look nothing like birds at all. I mean look at them, they have no tails, bristly hair like feathers, two stubby wings that can’t even flop, and long sleek beaks. Their feet are small and have only three toes with sharp claws. There are three different kinds of kiwi bird. They use their sharp feet to attack enemies and food.

Step 1: Lets start how to draw a kiwi. Draw a headline which will lead to the beak as well.

how to draw a kiwi-1

Step 2:Now draw the the back body line. I hope you are learning how to draw a kiwi.

how to draw a kiwi-2

Step 3: After completing the previous step, draw the body line which will lead to the kiwi’s leg. Also draw separate line on its body.

how to draw a kiwi-3

Step 4: Lets learn how to draw kiwis nails. Draw pointed nails. I hope it is easy learning tutorial of how to draw a kiwi.

how to draw a kiwi-4

Step 5: Draw another leg of the kiwi. Then add detail by giving pointed nails of the bird.

how to draw a kiwi-5

Step 6: Lets add the facial details. Draw the eyes and color it black.

how to draw a kiwi-6

Step 7: Draw the beak. Divide it into two equal portion. We are now approaching toward final steps of how to draw kiwi.

how to draw a kiwi-7

Step 8: I hope you are following the steps of how to draw kiwi properly. Erase all unnecessary lines and make your sketch neat.

how to draw a kiwi-8

Step 9: Now comes the important part of the sketch is shading.we will start from head. To give prickly effect use slanting strokes.

how to draw a kiwi-9

Step 10: Continue these strokes on all part of the body. After completing the shading your sketch is ready.

how to draw a kiwi-10

I hope you enjoyed how to learn kiwi. It is easy .i hope it was an interesting tutorial for you.

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