How to Draw a Kangaroo

In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw a Kangaroo .The Kangaroo is certainly a unique animal. First of all, Kangaroo  lives only in Australia. A kangaroo mother has a pouch on her stomach that she uses to bring up her baby, which is called joey. The joey stays in the pouch until it grows up. This is not the only distinctive trait possessed by a kangaroo. This animal has huge muscular hind legs and a long thick tail. Your kangaroo drawing will look more precise if you draw gradually .

Let’s go at it!

Step 1: First step of how to draw a kangaroo is to draw a cute face.  For this draw irregular circles. Look at the picture for reference.
how to draw a kangaroo-1
Step 2: Its time to draw the facial details. Draw the eye ,nose and lips. Use light pencil , in case of error it can be rectify.
how to draw a kangaroo-2
Step 3: After these facial detail draw the ears too. For reference see the picture.
how to draw a kangaroo-3
Step 4: Shade the face of the kangaroo.
how to draw a kangaroo-4
Step 5: Now draw the back line and tail. I hope you are following the steps of how to draw a kangaroo.
how to draw a kangaroo-5
Step 6: Draw the long neck in this step . Also draw the first arm.
how to draw a kangaroo-6
Step 7: After drawing first arm , draw the second arm too. If you follow this how to draw a kangaroo you can easily make the sketch.
how to draw a kangaroo-7
Step 8: See the picture and draw the front side hind leg. We are almost at the end of how to draw a kangaroo.
how to draw a kangaroo-8
Step 9: Draw the hind legs which is directly behind the front hind.
how to draw a kangaroo-9
Step 10: Shade the arms in dark tone specially that part which is not visible.
how to draw a kangaroo-10
Step 11: Keep your aesthetic sense open and shade rest of the kangaroo.
how to draw a kangaroo-11
Step 12: Shade the legs now. Your sketch should resemble the picture.
how to draw a kangaroo-12
Step 13: Once the shading is done, your sketch is ready.
how to draw a kangaroo-13
Hope you like this article how to draw a kangaroo.
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