How to Draw a Husky Dog

In this tutorial how to draw a Husky Dog in few steps. Huskies are dogs that people use for the sport of sled dog racing. The dogs race each other by pulling people on sleds. A group of dogs pull one sled. In the past, huskies were used to deliver goods on sleds from one place to another. Huskies are a breed of working dogs. They can be found in Siberia and Alaska.Huskies do not bark often, but they howl.The huskies’ long hair, called a woolly coat, is straight and coarse.

Facts about Husky.

The coat can be brown, reddish, black, grey, or white. Huskies are known to have two different eye colors, usually brown and blue.Huskies make great family pets because they are gentle with children. They are also very friendly and playful. Huskies are independent and do not need constant attention. However, they do form a close bond with their owners. Huskies love to exercise and be outdoors.

Let’s Start How to Draw a Husky Dog.
Step 1:First step of how to draw a husky dog is to draw circular shape for face.Circle shape should be of medium size. how to draw a husky-1Step 2:Next we will draw U shape connected with the bottom of the circle. Also draw two napkin shape figure which will serve as dogs body.
how to draw a husky-2
Step 3:The dog is in standing position so draw two front legs. Also draw its feet. At the same time draw incomplete back line of the dog. how to draw a husky-3Step 4:After completing all above steps we will draw the back legs of the dog. I hope you are enjoying and learning how to draw a husky dog. how to draw a husky-4Step 5:Draw the last leg of husky dog. For reference see the picture and follow the instruction of every steps given in how to draw a husky dog.
how to draw a husky-5Step 6:Draw the dogs fluffy tail . Make sure you use light tone making tail.
how to draw a husky-6Step 7:Its time to draw facial expression of husky dog. I hope you are learning all the tricks of how to draw a husky in just few easy steps.
how to draw a husky-7Step 8:Give detail work on the nose of husky dog.You will agree with me that how to draw a husky dog is extremely easy.
how to draw a husky-8Step 9:Draw the ears of the dog and shade the upper body of the dog.
how to draw a husky-9Step 10:Final step of how to draw husky is to shade the  dog.Before starting shading select light direction.After shading our sketch is ready.
how to draw a husky-10
I’m sure you enjoyed this lesson how to draw a husky dog.
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