How to Draw a Human Nose

In this tutorial i’ll show you how to draw a human nose .The human nose is more than just a flap of flesh and cartilage on the front of the face. Besides being part of the respiratory system that inhales oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide, the nose also contributes to other important functions, such as hearing and tasting.Human noses can have a wide array of shapes and sizes due to genetics and injuries. Men generally have larger noses than women, researchers say.

The following step by step guide should help you with drawing noses that you weren’t sure how to draw a  Human nose before.

Step 1: First step to draw the nose is to select a 2H scale pencil. Draw medium size circle proportionate according to the face.
how to draw a human nose-1
Step 2: To draw a nose is a very delicate job . Use light hand and light scale pencil for it. Draw curve line on left side for outer nostrils.  Keep the lines rough ,its just a guide line.
how to draw a human nose-2
Step 3:  Draw another nostril at the distance. Till this step you have learned how to draw three quarter of nose. For realistic effect shade the nostrils with light hand. Blend your shading with cotton swab.
how to draw a human nose-3
Step 4: Now we will draw the nose upper portion. Draw a vertical  line for nose line. Join the eyebrow with a curve line.
how to draw a human nose-4
Step 5: Shade the curve to add depth . When you are doing shading keep a a realistic nose in you mind.
how to draw a human nose-5
Step 6: After completing previous step you know how to draw a nose. From this step we will start shading. Shading creates depth in sketch . Shade  on those areas which are not visible to you. Make sure you blend your shading time to time.
how to draw a human nose-6
Step 7: By following these easy steps and tricks you can easily draw a nose. Shade the front of the nose in darker shade. Draw the nose neat ,erase all unnecessary lines. Make sure your drawing is presentable.
how to draw a human nose-7
Step 8: Keep on shading the lower portion of the nose until you get a perfect nose.
how to draw a human nose-8
Step 9: Add little dark shade of eyebrows which is leading from the nose line. Your stork should be short and slightly darker then the rest of the sketch.
how to draw a human nose-9
Step 10: Keep the light direction when you are shading . Front of the nostrils will be darker in shade. Being a professional you have to keep in mind about these details.
how to draw a human nose-10
Step 11: After following all these steps you can almost completed the drawing of the nose.
how to draw a human nose-11
Step 12: You sketch is ready and presentable. Hope you enjoyed it.
how to draw a human nose-12
Follow these 12 steps and enjoy how to draw a human nose.
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