How to Draw a Human Eye

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to draw a human eye; we draw the oval shape with the iris and pupil. I consider that to be a basic sketch of the eye. Before you draw a realistic eye you must first study what it really is. Take a picture of an eye so you can see what it looks up close. We all have them, but I’m sure that most of us haven’t really paid attention to what it really looks like up close. If you really want to draw a realistic eye, i suggest you study it well. This goes for any other object or feature. I’ll show the techniques that i use but it will be much easier if you understand what you are drawing. Well here it is.

How to draw a human eye?

This tutorial will teach you how to draw a human eye . Remember, eye styles vary vastly.
Step 1: Well we will start by drawing the outline. I used 2b pencil. Make sure you don’t make the outline too dark or else you will have a very dark outline in the end. Draw two big simple round bracket.

how to draw a human eye-1
Step 2: Draw two round circles close inside the brackets . Start by filling in the pupil using the dark pencil. Make sure not to press too hard or else you will not be able to erase it easily if you need to. One good way to get really dark’s is to layer it. Then use the the color blender to blend it. Add another layer of pencil and do the same with blender. Keep on doing this until you are satisfied with it.

how to draw a human eye-2
Step 3: Now draw the outline of the eye . For more detail consult the picture of see your self in mirror.

how to draw a human eye-3
Step 4: If you have followed the instructions carefully you can easily draw the eye now. Now blend the area that you outlined on the previous step. If its not dark enough just put down more pencil and blend it. It will highlight the eye and give more realistic approach.

how to draw a human eye-4
Step 5: Now add few lines on the upper lids. After giving some detail, join the lid with the skin. Basic eye shape is done.

how to draw a human eye-5
Step 6:In this step we will start working on the scleroses, which is the white part of the eye.With the 2h pencil i also added some light blood vessels that run out from the corners of the eye. These little details make a big difference in drawing a realistic eye.

how to draw a human eye-6
Step 7: Now lets draw the pupil.Using your pencil lightly fill in the area around the pupil. Then with the blender blend from the center of the pupil out. This will also pull some dark’s from the center of the pupil, giving that area some shadows. It will give interesting look to the eye.

how to draw a human eye-7
Step 8: Darken the creases with 4B pencil. Use the eraser where needed.

how to draw a human eye-8
Step 9: Now you know how to draw the eye 90%. For final touch , draw eye lashes. Take a look at the angle that they are drawn, they are not drawn straight down,except for the ones in the center. Using your eraser you can add some highlights. You can play around with them to get a much realism. Just make sure you make sure to curve them, they are not straight. When you are satisfy with your shading your tutorial is finished.

how to draw a human eye-9
I hope with this tutorial you can easily draw a human eye step by step. With time you can add details in it for perfection.

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