How to Draw a Honey badger

In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw a Honey Badger in 10 easy steps . Honey badgers are members of the weasel family. They are related to skunks, otters, ferrets, and other badgers. The actual name of the honey badger is the ratel. It gets its “honey badger” name because it likes to search through honeycombs for bee larvae, which are part of its diet. Honey badgers have long claws on their front feet, which they use for self-defense as well as digging the five-foot deep burrows in which they live.Honey badgers live in various regions of Africa and Asia. They live in grasslands, forests, and dry habitats.
Facts about Honey badger.
Honey badgers are nocturnal animals; they are active at night and sleep during the day.Similar to their skunk relative, honey badgers release a smelly liquid when they feel threatened or when they want to mark their territory. Honey badgers also have similar physical traits as skunks. Skunks are known to be black with white stripes down their backs. Honey badgers also have a white stripe on their back.

Step 1:In how to draw a honey badger, we will first draw the headline of the body Join the body line with head.

How to draw a Honey badger-1Step 2:We will draw the tail in flowing motion so draw one side of the tail in upward direction. For reference see the picture.I’m sure you notice by now how easy is how to draw a honey badger.

How to draw a Honey badger-2Step 3:After drawing tail , we will draw the lower jaw of the animals mouth.

How to draw a Honey badger-3Step 4:In this step we will draw the next portion of the tail.I’m sure you are learning a lot from how to draw a honey badger.

How to draw a Honey badger-4Step 5:Now extend lines from lower body and lower jaw.

How to draw a Honey badger-5Step 6:Remember we are drawing sitting honey badger. Now draw its foot. For back foot draw curve line and double line pattern.For detail see the picture.

How to draw a Honey badger-6Step 7:I hope you are learning how to draw a honey badger. Now draw the frontal leg of the animal.

How to draw a Honey badger-7Step 8:In this step draw the back leg.Make sure it is overlapped a little.

How to draw a Honey badger-8Step 9:We are learn how to draw honey badger inner structure now. Draw the inner line leaving space for eye and ear. At the same time draw eye and ear in the opposite C shape.

How to draw a Honey badger-9Step 10:Look at your sketch its ready now. Only thing missing in it is shading. Select the light direction and do the shading.

How to draw a Honey badger-10I hope you learned all the tricks of how to draw a honey badger.

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