How to Draw a Hand

When considering how to draw hands, you need to know the hand anatomy.The bones in the forearm are called the ulna and the radius.At the wrist joint, the radius is wider than the ulna.The wrist bones are called the carpal bones. There are eight of them. This name comes from the Greek word Kaposi, which means wrist.Carpal bones are positioned in two rows. As an artist, you don’t need to learn the name of each carpal bone.Note that it has a semi-circular shape helps in the movement of the joint between the wrist and the bones of the forearm.The palm area of the hand is formed by the metacarpal bones.The heads of the metacarpal bones are known as the knuckles. They are easily detectable when the hand is bent into a fist.

To learn more about how to draw hands, lets see the steps.

Step 1: First step to draw a hand is to select light shade pencil. Draw a semi circle for the to draw a hand- 1

Step 2: Now we will learn how to draw the hands finger. Draw 4 cylinders.for four fingers. Add small circles for the extensions. At the moment we are not drawing the thumb.

how to draw a hand- 2

Step 3: I hope you are following the steps how to draw a hand properly. Now draw four irregular cylinders for the fingers also draw a thumb.

how to draw a hand- 3

Step 4: Repeat the previous step . Draw four irregular rectangles according to the finger size.

how to draw a hand- 4

Step 5 : Till last step you have learned how to draw a hand. Now we will add detail in it. We will draw nail portion by drawing irregular triangle shape. You are getting closer toward completion of how to draw a hand.

how to draw a hand- 5

Step 6 : Erase all the extra lines. Make sure yore drawing is neat a presentable.

how to draw a hand- 6

Step 7 : This step is very important in how to draw a hand is shading. Use light and dark shade technique. once  you completed the shading your drawing is ready. Blend the lines where needed.

how to draw a hand- 7

I hope you enjoyed how to draw a hand .

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