How to Draw a Guppy Fish

In this tutorial we will learn how to draw a guppy fish. Guppy is tropical freshwater fish. It is native to South America. Guppy can be found in the slow-flowing rivers, small streams, lakes, ponds and pools and occasionally in the brackish waters. Guppy is one of the most popular aquarium fish because of its beautifully colored body, low requirements, ability to reproduce quickly and live side by side with many different types of fish. Aside as a pet, guppy is also frequently used for different experiments in the fields of ecology, behavior and evolution.

Let’s Start How to Draw a Guppy fish.

Step 1:First step in how to draw a guppy fish, we will draw the upper to draw a guppy fish-1Step 2:Just like neon tetra extend line of the upper body. This tutorial how to draw guppy is piece of cake if you have done neon tetra. how to draw a guppy fish-2Step 3:Draw the turning point of the fish by drawing V shape. I’m sure how to draw guppy is very easy foe to draw a guppy fish-3Step 4:Draw the lower fin now. Remember one thing guppy’s is very small but the tail is very big. how to draw a guppy fish-4Step 5:After completing all above steps , extend two lines on opposite direction.This line should not join the ending line. Make sure your sketch resemble the picture given. If you are getting confuse on any step of how to draw a guppy fish consult the to draw a guppy fish-5Step 6:On the lower point  of the fish draw the wavy lines . The initial sketch of fish is complete. Add a ball shape on fish for eye. Are you getting all the tricks of how to draw a guppy to draw a guppy fish-6Step 7:Use bright tones to color the fish. After coloring our sketch is to draw a guppy fish-7I hope you enjoyed learning how to draw a guppy fish.

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