How to Draw a Goat

You can learn how to draw a cute farm animal goat in just minutes! People of all ages will enjoy this great activity. Drawing goats on cards and invitations etc. adds an artistic touch and individuality.Goats are members of the Bovidae family, and they are closely related to sheep. They are one of the first animals in the world to be domesticated by humans. More people in the world consume milk from goats than any other animal. People also eat goat meat and cheese. A group of goats is called a trip, herd, or tribe. The group is usually led by a female.A male goat is called a buck or a billy goat. A female is called a doe, and a baby goat is called a kid.Some breeds of goat can jump as high as five feet in the air.Goats live for about 8 to 12 years.

Lets start how to draw a goat now.

Step 1: First thing we have to learn how to draw goats neck line. Use irregular lines for it. Use light hand while drawing. Erase the lines if done any mistake.
how to draw a goat-1
Step 2: Next thing is to learn how to draw a goats back line. Its very easy but if you are confuse consult the picture.
how to draw a goat-2
Step 3:  Join the lines and draw the shape of the goats body. Leave space for the positions of the legs.
how to draw a goat-3
Step 4: How lets see how we have to draw the goats legs. Draw two narrow parallel lines.shape the foot of the goat. I hope you are following each steps of how too draw a goat.For realistic look give little hairy effect to face and chin area. As you know that for hairy effect you have to use short stroke technique.
how to draw a goat-4
Step 5: As seen in picture , we are showing goats curved legs.we will draw half leg.
how to draw a goat-5
Step 6: In this step we will complete the curved leg. I hope  you have learned how to draw goats curved leg.
how to draw a goat-6
Step 7: Draw lines for horns.
how to draw a goat-7
Step 8: Complete the head of the goat.We are almost at the end of how to draw a goat.
how to draw a goat-8
Step 9: Now look at your sketch. It looks complete but something is missing in it. At this moment draw the hind legs, and facial details.this is the best time to consult your picture for fine details.
how to draw a goat-9
Step 10: Draw the goats eye and hairy tail. Use strokes for hairy effect.
how to draw a goat-10
Step 11: Most important step of every sketch is shading. Select the light direction and shade the goat.
Now your sketch is ready.
how to draw a goat-11
I hope you enjoyed learning how to draw a goat
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