How to Draw a Frog

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a frog. Frog is a creepy looking reptile.Frog tongues grow to be 12 inches long. Frogs use their tongues to catch their food, such as insects. Frogs also eat snails, worms, and spiders. When they eat, they use their eyes to help them swallow by blinking.Frogs are born in the water. They hatch from eggs, and are called tadpoles. Tadpoles are born with gills and live in the water. They eventually grow up to become frogs and live on land.Rather than drinking, water is absorbed through their skin.Frogs use their very strong back legs to jump far distances, swim, and dig.Frogs shed their skin about once a week, then eat it. The lifespan of a frog depends on its species. Bullfrogs can live up to 30 years.

Lets learn how to draw a frog in easy 12 steps.

Step 1: First thing  in how to draw a frog is to learn drawing eye of the frog. Draw two overlapped irregular circles. Color the small circle black .
how to draw a frog-1
Step 2: Draw another outline of the broad eye  shape . Now the eye is finished.
how to draw a frog-2
Step 3:  We did not close the outline of the eye in previous step. With that draw the curved pattern. Draw lines smoothly with light hand.
how to draw a frog-3
Step 4:  I hope the steps are easy and you are learning a lot from how to draw a fog. Now draw the frog face. Draw the frogs mouth line. Remember your sketch should be neat and tidy.
how to draw a frog-4
Step 5: Continue the back line of the frog. With this step you have learned 50% of how to draw a fog.
how to draw a frog-5
Step 6: Draw the arm line of the frog. Here the hand is not complete .
how to draw a frog-6
Step 7: In this step draw the Timmy line of the frog. I hope you are learning how to draw a frog. Consult the picture at this time it will help you giving realistic touch to the sketch.
how to draw a frog-7
Step 8: Draw the back foot of the frog. Use light hand while drawing.
how to draw a frog-8
Step 9: Complete the frogs leg. Draw web shaped foot of the frog.
how to draw a frog-9
Step 10:  You are almost completed how to draw a frog. Draw the other leg of the frog. At this step consult the picture and shape the posture of the frog.
how to draw a frog-10
Step 11:  Lets add the detail to the frog by adding pattern on it. Use aesthetic scene and your creativity for making pattern.
how to draw a frog-11
Step 12: Last step is to shade the frog . Use gradation of tones in it.
how to draw a frog-12
I hope  it is easy for you how to learn a frog. Hope to see you soon.
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