How to Draw a Fly

Learn how to draw a fly in few easy steps. Flies are insects found everywhere. You have probably been bothered with many of them in your lifetime.They live in your home, at school, and just about anywhere you go. True flies are crane flies, robber flies, bee flies, moth flies, and fruit flies, among others.

Facts about Fly

There are more than 120,000 species of true flies all over the world, and they all belong to the order Diptera, which means “two wings.” On average, flies live for 21 days. House flies are the species of flies that live in your home. They carry about 100 disease-causing germs, which can make you sick when they contaminate your food.

Let’s Start How to Draw a Fly.

Step 1:In the first step of how to draw a fly,draw two opposite faced curve to draw a Fly-1Step 2:Next draw two close circle.It will resemble two opposite to draw a Fly-2Step 3:Draw the enclosing of the upper part of the fly.Double the lower line. Consult the picture for accurate to draw a Fly-3Step 4:Its time to draw the middle body of the fly. For middle body draw a rectangular shape. I hope your are learning a lot in how to draw a fly. how to draw a Fly-4Step 5:Draw two prism shape on both side of the fly. how to draw a Fly-5Step 6:Further, draw the lower body of the fly. Next draw two portion in the third part of the body. how to draw a Fly-6Step 7:Now draw the inner pattern of the fly. Follow the steps and learn how to draw a fly. how to draw a Fly-7Step 8:Its time to draw the two transparent wings of the fly. By making V shape on both to draw a Fly-8Step 9:Draw the front two legs of the to draw a Fly-9Step 10:Draw the middle legs . I hope you are enjoying how to draw a to draw a Fly-10Step 11:Last step of this lesson how to draw a fly is to draw the last two legs of the fly. After this sketch is to draw a Fly-11I hope you enjoyed how to draw a fly.

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