How to Draw a Flamingo

In this lesson we will learn how to draw a flamingo. The flamingo is the only member of the family Phoenicopteridae. Flamingos are known for their bright pink feathers, skinny stilt-like legs, and long neck. In the wild, they live to be about 20 to 30 years old.Flamingos got their name from the Latin word “flamenco,” which means “fire.
Facts about Flamingos.
Flamingos eat fish,s snails, shrimp, and algae. They dip their long necks into the water and scoop out their meals. Flamingos also eat insects.Flamingos are born white and grey.Flamingos can grow to be as tall as 5 feet. Flamingos live near shallow waters such as lakes and lagoons. Plastic pink flamingos are popular lawn ornaments . The flamingo is the Bahamas’ national bird.
Step 1:First step of how to draw a Flamingo,we will draw the slightly bended beak .
how to draw a flamingo-1
Step 2:Next we will draw S shape line . This line will be the curved neck of flamingo. I hope you are following the steps of how to draw a flamingo.
how to draw a flamingo-2
Step 3:Later we will draw the lower neck line.Till this step of how to draw a Flamingo we got the initial sketch till bust of Flamingo.
how to draw a flamingo-3
Step 4:Now draw a hump resemble to arch , this will serve as body line if Flamingo.
how to draw a flamingo-4
Step 5:In this step we will draw the lower body line. Leave space for one leg . As in picture shown Flamingo is standing on one leg.
how to draw a flamingo-5
Step 6:After following these easy steps of how to draw Flamingo you can easy draw its sketch. Now complete the lower body line. See the picture for reference.
 how to draw a flamingo-6
Step 7:After drawing completing line draw the one long  leg of Flamingo. I hope you learned all tricks of how to draw a Flamingo in these easy steps.
how to draw a flamingo-7
Step 8:Its time to draw the folded leg of Flamingo.
how to draw a flamingo-8
Step 9:After previous step sketch is ready. Now use different tones of pink to color Flamingo.
how to draw a flamingo-9
I hope you enjoyed and learned a lot from how to draw a Flamingo.
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