How to Draw a Feather

Today’s Technique  covers how to draw a feather.From birds to angels and gryphons to Pegasus, feathers can seem like a tough thing to draw for your fantasy illustrations. Don’t worry, we’ll break it down.  We hope this  tutorial  makes those complicated little feathers  seem less daunting and more magical.
Let’s Start How to Draw a Feather.
Step 1:In the begging of how to draw a feather we will first draw a straight line. This will serve as the vein of the leaf.
how to draw a feather-1
Step 2:Next we will draw a double line at the lower starting point. Use 3B pencil to darken this area. Learning how to draw a feather is so much fun.
how to draw a feather-2
Step 3:After finishing the previous step, draw the upper leaf shape of front wing of the leaf. You can consult the picture if you are having any difficulty.
how to draw a feather-3
Step 4:Draw two opposite leaf on opposite sides. Feather is very delicate so follow all the steps of how to draw feather properly.
how to draw a feather-4
Step 5:In the next step of how to draw feather, draw rest of the leaf on the left side of the feather.
how to draw a feather-5
Step 6:I hope you are enjoying all the steps of how to draw feather. Now draw rest  of the hair of the feather.
how to draw a feather-6
Step 7:To finish this tutorial of how to draw a feather, use different tones of green petals. Add little tones of yellow and brown too.
how to draw a feather-7
I’m sure you learned all the the steps of how to draw a feather.
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