How to Draw a Eel

In this tutorial i’ll show how to draw a Eel in different steps.Eels are fish that resemble snakes, although they are not related to snakes. There are more than 400 species of Eels. They have pointed heads and smooth, long narrow bodies. Their teeth are sharp.Many people think that electric eels are eels, but they are not really eels at all. They are related to carp and catfish.Eels are usually grey or black. However, eels that live in tropical waters usually have bright colors and patterns.Eels are very flexible. Their spines are made up of more than 100 vertebrae. Eels are bottom dwellers. This means that they live on the sandy floors of the body of water where they dwell. Some species live in freshwater habitats such as streams and lakes and migrate to saltwater habitats to reproduce. Some species spend their entire lives in saltwater habitats.
Step 1:First step of how to draw a Eel is to draw a thick tick like Nike brand signature.
how to draw a Eel-1
 Step 2:Now draw the lower body line of the fish. For reference  see the picture above. I’m sure this lesson how to draw eel is very easy for you.
how to draw a Eel-2
 Step 3:We will draw the competition line of the fish body. Make sure that line is the turning point of the body of the fish. Follow the steps of how to draw a Eel properly.
how to draw a Eel-3
 Step 4:I hope you are following all the steps of how to draw eel. Now draw the upper going tail of the fish from the point of turning.For reference see the picture above.
how to draw a Eel-4
 Step 5:In this step we will draw the double line of the body of the Eel.It will serve as the fin of the fish.
how to draw a Eel-5
 Step 6:I hope you are learning how to draw the eel by following these easy steps.Now we will draw the facial expression.It mean we will draw the eyes and lip line.
how to draw a Eel-6
 Step 7:We will now draw the tiny ears of the fish.This ear will show the sensitivity of the electric fish.
how to draw a Eel-7
 Step 8:Last step of this tutorial how to draw a Eel is to shade the fish. Take proper light direction and select correct tone of shade.After shading sketch is complete.
how to draw a Eel-8
 I hope you enjoy learning how to draw a Eel.
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