How to Draw a Ear

How to draw ear may seem difficult and complex because they contain many bumps, valleys and folds. Your ears are very important. Think what it would be like if you could not hear people talking or music or the telephone ring or your pet dog bark. We all need to take care of our ears . Learning how to draw a ear is a lot easier when you learn to simplify into steps.

Step 1: First step of how to draw a ear.Draw an outline of the ear. For outline draw opposite shape of mango. . Use light pencil so it can be erased easily .

how to draw a ear-1

Step 2: For more details consult the picture. Now draw a thin outline boundary of the ear . I hope you are following each step carefully of how to draw an ear.

how to draw a ear-2

Step 3: As we know that ear got 3 main parts. So in this step we will draw the inner curved line. Do it very carefully with light hand.

how to draw a ear-3

Step 4: Human ear is very tricky. I hope you are learning all the trick of how to draw an ear. At this point add more line to show curves and folds of the ear.

how to draw a ear-4

Step 5: Till now you have learned basic drawing in how to draw an ear. Now we will start shading. Use dark tone in the folds. It will give dimension to the sketch.

how to draw a ear-5

Step 6: In the last step of how to draw a ear, we will give last touching of shading. And add the ear lobe.

how to draw a ear-6

I hope you learned a lot from how to draw a ear. Hope to see you soon.

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