How to Draw a Duck

In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw a Duck in 10 easy steps. Ducks are mostly water-loving birds that belong to the Antedate family, which includes geese and swans. They can be found over all continents, except Antarctica, although some can be found on islands in the sub-Antarctica. Ducks are generally smaller than geese and swans, and can be found living both in fresh water and salt water. Ducks eat land and water plants, insects and fish, small amphibians, such as toads, newts and salamanders, mollusks and worms. Some ducks dive deep into under the water for food, while others feed off the surface of water and on land. A comb-like edge along the beak of a duck catches food from water that is squirted from the sides of the beak. While male ducks do not quack, all ducks make a variety of sounds including, cooing, whistle sounds, grunts and yodels. Ducks are easy prey for animals, fish and humans, primarily because of their inability to fly off a surface quickly.. Although human hunters generally prefer the challenge of a flying duck over a “sitting duck.”. The word “duck” is often used to describe something as funny, because of ducks seem silly in their behavior and looks. Economically, ducks have many uses. Domesticated ducks, which usually raised on farms for their eggs, meat and feathers and zoos often display a variety of ducks. Several fictional ducks, such as Donald Duck and Daffy Duck, have become famous cartoon characters.

Now let’s see how to draw a duck.

Step1: When you draw the duck, use light tone pencil to draw. Begin the sketch by drawing opposite nose shape which will give the outline of ducks head.

how to draw a Duck-1

Step 2: Draw the ducks head roughly.

how to draw a Duck-2

Step 3: Now draw lower neck line along with tummy. Now how to draw ducks neck line, it should be done in one stroke smoothly. Draw stroke free hand it will give a professional touch.

how to draw a Duck-2

Step 4: Let’s add more detail on the lower portion. Draw the ducks foot roughly and attach it to the body.

how to draw a Duck-3

Step5: After completing previous step draw the second foot with first foot guideline. Extend the lower body line in curve shape. Strokes should be neat and smooth for good look.

how to draw a Duck-5

Step 6: Now you know how to draw a duck. Its time to highlight the sketch with dark pencil. Dark pencil will enhance the sketch. Now draw wings and eye. For eye draw a leaf shape with an eye ball.

how to draw a Duck-6

Step 7: Now it’s time to put some detail in wings. Use or artistic scene while making it . In sketching observation is very important.

how to draw a Duck-7

Step 8: Now initial sketch of duck is ready. Consult the picture for the detail work. You can be creative but it should be in the limit of reality.

how to draw a Duck-7

Step 9: Important part of sketch is shading. Shade the duck with light and dark strokes. Use sharpens pencil and smooth strokes. We will be surprised with the outcome. Don’t forget to merge the strokes. It will give a natural look.

how to draw a Duck-9

Step 10: When the shading is complete your sketch is ready. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Show this sketch to your friends and family and make them amazed.

how to draw a Duck-10

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