How to Draw a Donkey

Follow these easy steps and learn how to draw a donkey. Donkeys are known to be stubborn animals, and this is because they do not like doing anything that they do not want to do. In various countries, such as Egypt and Italy, donkeys help people by carrying goods on their back from one place to another. Donkeys have been working for humans for about 5,000 years. They also make great pets, since they enjoy the company of people.
Donkeys are the smallest animals in the equine family, which also includes horses, mules, and zebras. The countries with the highest populations of donkeys are China, Pakistan, Ethiopia, and Mexico.

Did you know this about donkeys?

A male donkey is called a jack. A female donkey is called a jennet or a jenny. A baby donkey is called a foal. Donkeys are friendly and enjoy being in the company of people. They actually get depressed when they are alone. In poorer countries, donkeys can live to be between 12 to 15 years old. In richer countries, they have a lifespan of 20 to 50 years. Donkeys can weigh up to 1,060 pounds. Donkey shoes are like horseshoes, but smaller. Donkeys have a great memory.

Now let’s see how your memory is. Let’s see will you remember how to draw a donkey or not.

Step 1: Select a picture when you start to draw a donkey. As you can see donkey is an innocent animal as compare to horse. Use delicate hands when you draw a donkey. Select 2B pencil to draw. Lets start to draw a donkey by drawing a medium sized circle with back body. This will be the face and the body of the donkey.

how to draw a Donkey-1
Step 2: Make the headline of the body. Make sure that your drawing should be neat. Keep using light pencil and light hand.

how to draw a Donkey-2
Step 3: Now you know how to draw a donkey outline. Let’s put some facial detail. Consult the image and draw a proportionate nose and a lip line for mouth.

how to draw a Donkey-3
Step 4: Draw a donkey 3 quarter pose. Draw overlapping facial lines. Take your time while doing it to give it a natural look.

how to draw a Donkey-4
Step 5: Hope you are not having any problem while drawing a donkey. Draw light strokes for hair. Draw the ears too.

how to draw a Donkey-5

Step 6: Now you know how to draw donkey. Keep adding on details. Draw two eyes. For eyes draw two varying size circle. One will be foot its pupil. Shade the pupil black.

how to draw a Donkey-6
Step 7: Now let’s see how to draw lower portion of the donkey. Start drawing legs from the inner circle.

how to draw a Donkey-7

Step 8: Draw the second leg with the same method. Drawing of donkey is almost complete now.

how to draw a Donkey-8

Step 9: Draw the hind leg as well. Use light hand and give your sketch a final touch.

how to draw a Donkey-9

Step 10: See how easy it was to draw a donkey. Now complete your sketch with by drawing overlapped leg. This is a final step to draw a donkey.

how to draw a Donkey-10

Step 11: Take 2B pencil for shading. Use crises cross method of shading. Use alternate tones for shading. Keep your hand light for smooth shading. Now your sketch is ready. You can show this sketch to you friends and family. Even now you can teach anyone to draw a donkey step by step.

how to draw a Donkey-11

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