How to Draw a Dodo

In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw a Dodo in  10  easy steps . Dodo was a member of the bird family and the scientific term for them is Raphus cucullatus. The word “dodo” means a cluster of short but curly feathers on the tail. They had short legs, a big beak, moved slowly, but are now extinct. Dodos were the size of a turkey but more colorful. This animal was a relative of the pigeon but more aggressive to humans.The dodo was found more than 500 years ago by sailors who explored the world.Dodos have not been seen alive for almost 400 years.This bird lived in the forest and they did not fly because they had no enemies.These animals weighed 50 pounds so they were desired for food.Dodos have become a symbol for things that are not useful or can’t fly.
Step 1: First step in how to draw a dodo is to draw the outline of the upper portion of the head and the beak.
how to draw a dodo-1
Step 2: Make sure you follow the steps of how to draw a dodo properly. Continue the line from the head to back.
how to draw a dodo-2
Step 3: As we know dodo got large beak . So in this step we will draw the broad beak. I hope you are learning how to draw a dodo bird.
how to draw a dodo-3
Step 4: Draw the fluffy tail of the bird.
how to draw a dodo-4
Step 5: Extend the line from the tail. Draw the upper leg of the bird. Make sure there is some flesh on top of the leg. See the picture for reference.
how to draw a dodo-5
Step 6: Now complete the sketch. I hope you are enjoying how to draw a dodo.
how to draw a dodo-6
Step 7: Its time to draw the wing of dodo.
how to draw a dodo-7
Step 8: First draw the first foot of the dodo bird. I hope you are following the steps of how to draw a dodo bird.
how to draw a dodo-8
Step 9: Lets complete the minor details about the sketch. Draw eyes and lip line in this step . Also draw the other foot.
how to draw a dodo-9
Step 10: In this last step of how to draw a dodo, we will do shading . After shading sketch is ready.
how to draw a dodo-10
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