How to Draw a Clown Fish

Lets learn how to draw a clown fish.  The clown fish is also known as the anemone fish. There are 28 – 30 recognized species of clown fish. Clown fish are found in warm waters. Clown fish species include yellow, orange, reddish and blackish varieties with most covered in patches or bars of white color.The largest clown fish can reach 18 cm (7.1 in), and the smallest 10 cm (3.9 in).All clown fish are born as males. When the dominant female of a group dies the largest male will turn itself into a female, this change cannot be reversed back. Clown fish live up to 10 years in the wild but on average up to 6 – 8 years.Females lay around 1000 eggs,the male clown fish will guard the eggs. Clown fish make up over 40% of the global marine ornamental trade.
Let’s start how to draw a Clown fish.
Step 1: In the beginning of how to draw a clown fish we will first draw the most outer and upper line  .
 how to draw a clown fish-1
Step 2: Next we will draw the lip line. Draw it with light hand.
 how to draw a clown fish-2
Step 3: I hope you are following the step of how to draw a clown fish. In this step we will complete the body line.
 how to draw a clown fish-3
Step 4: This fish looks very innocent. Draw the tail if the fish. I hope you are learning a lot from how to draw a clown fish.
 how to draw a clown fish-4
Step 5: Moving ahead , draw the pelvic  and anal fin of the fish.
 how to draw a clown fish-5
Step 6: Now draw the dorsal fins. After making these fins your sketch should remble the picture shown in how to draw a clown fish .I’m sure you are getting all the tricks.
 how to draw a clown fish-6
Step 7: Give your sketch a hairy effect while repeating last 2 steps.
 how to draw a clown fish-7
Step 8: Draw the arms of the fish. I hope you are enjoying this tutorial.
 how to draw a clown fish-8
Step 9: Now you know how easy is how to draw a clown fish. Draw the eye  neatly.
 how to draw a clown fish-9
Step 10: In this step of how to draw a clown fish we will draw its pattern.
 how to draw a clown fish-10
Step 11: Sketch is almost complete but one important step is missing . Its time to color the clown fish. Select colors from the picture and color it smoothly.
 how to draw a clown fish-11
I hope you enjoyed at ever step of how to draw a clown fish.
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