How to Draw a Chickadee

Lets learn how to draw chickadee in easy 7 steps. Black-capped chickadees are small song birds that are native to North America. Specifically, they inhabit the northern region of the United States, Canada, and Alaska. They live in forests and open wooded lands. Although they live in the north year-round, some migrate south for the winter.Black-capped chickadees got their name from the “chick-a-Dee” sound they make, and for the black cap on their heads.

Facts about Chickadee.

.On average, black-capped chickadees are 5 to 6 inches long, and they weigh about half of an When it is cold during the night, black-capped chickadees have the ability to lower their body temperature so that they can conserve energy.In the summer, black-capped chickadees eat insects, especially caterpillars. During the winter, their diet mostly consists of seeds and berries.

Step 1:In this first step of how to draw a chickadee we will draw the upper head of the bird. This  part is usually known as black to draw a chickadee-1Step 2:Next we will draw the back line of the birds body. Consult the picture carefully with thee steps of how to draw a to draw a chickadee-2Step 3:Its time to draw the fat tummy of the bird. In how to draw a chickadee step by step picture is also given with to draw a chickadee-3Step 4:Now draw hyphen type line to show space between legs of the bird.follow the instruction carefully of how to draw a to draw a chickadee-4Step 5:After completing previous step, draw the pointed tail of the bird. It will be on the left side of the page. Are you getting all the tricks of how to draw a chickadee?how to draw a chickadee-5Step 6:We will draw legs in this step of how to draw a chickadee. Remember that bird is standing on a tree branch. So in this same step draw tree branch to draw a chickadee-6Step 7:In the last step of how to draw chickadee, we will do coloring. Select the light direction and correct color. After shading sketch is ready. how to draw a chickadee-7With these easy steps of how to draw a chickadee you must have learned all the tricks.

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