How to Draw a Chameleon

Today we are going to learn how to draw a chameleon. Chameleons are neat looking lizards that are most famous for their ability to change color to blend in with  their surrounding and their binocular eyes. Unlike humans, chameleons can make each eye move in different directions at the same time.Chameleons have long tongues that are up to two times the length of their body, not including the tail. Similar to frogs, they can shoot their tongue out at a fast speed to catch food such as insects.Chameleons are the smallest reptiles on Earth. On average, they can grow to be about a half-inch to two feet long.The lifespan of a chameleon is about three to five years. Some people keep chameleons as pets.
Lets start how to draw a chameleon.
Step 1: We will start how to draw a chameleon and draw an outline of the body. Make sure you use light hand to draw.
how to draw a chameleon-1
Step 2: In this step we will draw the face line of chameleon. If you follow the steps of this lesson you can easily learn how to draw a chameleon.
how to draw a chameleon-2
Step 3: Add the facial details now. Keep in mind all the minor and major aspect of chameleon for realistic sketch. Draw with light hand.
how to draw a chameleon-3
Step 4: I hope you are learning how to draw a chameleon. Now draw the legs of the lizard. Keep in mind that we are making chameleon on a bark. Legs should be holding the bark.
how to draw a chameleon-4
Step 5: Draw the bark outline. For perfect sketch consult the picture.
how to draw a chameleon-5
Step 6: I hope you are learning the tricks of how to draw a chameleon.  Complete the bark .
how to draw a chameleon-6
Step 7: We are almost at the end of how to draw a chameleon. Consult the picture and draw the tail as well the pattern on its body.
how to draw a chameleon-7
Step 8: Initial sketch of chameleon is ready. Color the chameleon in greenish tone. Blend few tones of yellow and brown in it too.
how to draw a chameleon-8
I hope this article how to draw a chameleon helped you a lot.
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