How to Draw a Cardinal

Lets learn how to draw a cardinal in few simple steps. The Cardinal is a member of the bird group and the scientific term for them is Cardinals.This animal derives its name from the species relative that has a preference of upper latitudes. Another reason for the name is because it mimics the religious authoritative figures of the Roman Catholic Church since they both wear red on their body and head; exclusive features of the bird are a black face and crest on the back of their head.
Facts about Cardinal.
Other popular names for this creature are the Redbird and Common Cardinal. The animal was first documented in 1758.They can reach a length of over 3/4 of a foot.This bird has a wingspan of over 1 foot.Their nest takes up to 9 days to build.The age of this bird can reach up to almost 30 years.  They also eat insects and fruit. These animals have a low population amount, but are considered to be the least concern for the possibility of extinction.
Step 1:In the first step of how to draw cardinal take red color  pencil and start your sketch. Draw the head of the bird first. At the same time draw the birds beak.
how to draw a Cardinal-1
Step 2:We will now draw the front body line of the bird.
how to draw a Cardinal-2
Step 3:Next we will draw birds wing on the left side. I hope you are learning how to draw a cardinal bird properly.
how to draw a Cardinal-3
Step 4:After completing last step draw the lower  wing.
how to draw a Cardinal-4
Step 5:Now draw the three flapped tail.I’m sure you are learning new tricks of drawing in how to draw a cardinal to draw a Cardinal-5
Step 6:We are almost at the end of how to draw a cardinal bird, in this step we will draw the bark of the tree , on which bird is sitting and his claws are gripping the bark.
how to draw a Cardinal-6
Step 7:In the last step of how to draw cardinal bird., we will color the bird in different tones of red. After finishing coloring sketch is ready.
how to draw a Cardinal-7
I hope you enjoyed this lesson how to draw a cardinal bird.
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