How to Draw a Caracal

Lets learn how to draw a caracal in few easy steps. Caracals are wild cats that are native to Africa. They are the largest species of Africa’s small cats. Caracals also live in certain parts of Asia and the Middle East. They live in woodland, savanna, and scrub-land habitats.
Facts about Caracal.

The caracal is also called African lynx, Persian lynx or dessert lynx. They used to be considered lynxes, but scientific evidence proved that they are not. Caracals live to be 17 years old. Caracals eat birds, small mammals, lizards, and fish. Their diet depends on where they live. Caracals have long hind legs that help them jump high. Caracals communicate verbally by meowing, growling, hissing, or making a coughing sound.The word “caracal” comes from the Turkish word “karakulak,” which means “black ear.” Caracals have tufted ears that are indeed black. They also have black markings on their face. Caracals’ fur is reddish brown. They have white fur on their chin, belly, and throat.

Step 1: In the first step of how to draw a caracal we will draw a curved and tilted L shape. It will be the lower body of the cat.
How to draw a Caracal-1
Step 2: Further we will draw outline of the left and right side of the face.Don’t complete the face at this time. At the same time draw the upper body line.
How to draw a Caracal-2
Step 3: Next draw the front leg of the cat. This leg will be half in the air. I hope you are learning all the tricks of how to draw a caracal.
How to draw a Caracal-3
Step 4: Draw the front back line of the body of the cat. For your help pictures are provided with the steps of how to draw a caracal.
How to draw a Caracal-4
Step 5: Mark a line for the  lower body. Actually its a continuing line which we made at first step.
How to draw a Caracal-5
Step 6: I hope you want to know whats comes next in how to draw a caracle. Draw a very thin tail of the cat.
How to draw a Caracal-6
Step 7: Later we will draw the half portion of hind leg. Look at the picture if you got any confusion.
How to draw a Caracal-7
Step 8: Complete the foot of the cats leg.
How to draw a Caracal-8
Step 9: Draw the back leg of the cat. I hope you are learning a lot from how to draw a caracal cat.
How to draw a Caracal-9
Step 10: In this step draw the two large  pointed ears.see the picture for same result.
How to draw a Caracal-10
Step 11: Refine the facial expression of the cat.
How to draw a Caracal-11
Step 12: Finally the last step of how to draw a caracle, we will do coloring in the sketch. Select the correct light and shades of colors.
How to draw a Caracal-12
I hope you have learned how to draw a caracal in few steps.
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